content lockers

  1. xxx69

    CPA Content Locker

    Is there any script/code/plugin to make my own content locker website?? There should be some feature to add my cpa offers.. There are some 10 year old codes but not mobile friendly... Some people in this forum already searching before me....may be someone made this... Please help me if someone...
  2. anomalous

    CPA Content Locking Funnel - almost there

    So I've built out a funnel on my WP blog... it begins with a bit of content that should motivate my traffic to "pay with a tweet" in order to continue reading. I just use Social Locker by OnePress. Next comes more content that should drive my traffic through a content locker just fine, except...
  3. Alex0808

    Page locked with a locker

    I have posted some code/key on a web page and i want to lock it in with some content locker. Is there any way to limit it to a 1 client only. Like a guy named x complete the offer and access the locked page containing key, then that link stops working immediately.
  4. Yarharharharhar

    [Poll] How Did You Promote Content Lockers in 2018?

    In 2018 there were plenty of CPA lockers in search results and youtube, but what about other areas? This poll is here to reveal the most popular promotion methods used for content lockers in 2018. If you are ranking any page to promote your social locker, then you should select SEO. If you...
  5. kretchi

    CPABuild Help - How to make the HUMAN VERIFICATION offers be sorted by COUNTRY?

    Hi guys, I'm having a bad time creating my content locker with CPABuild. FIRST PROBLEM I would like to know if I can create a Human Verification locker that show offers just to people from x country. Or even a content locker that sort the offers based on the geolocation of the visitor, is it...
  6. 223thaproducer

    How can I make my own content locker for free

    Im interested in making my own content locker so that use any offer to lock content... (Even the ones that the network dont provide lockers for) :smirk:. If anyone would care to explain how or point me to a tutorial I would greatly appreciate.
  7. P

    Content lock options. Euhero locker not working

    I have recently discovered Euhero's content locker and have uploaded to my site. For some reason when I test the locker it doesn't take me to a locked page. Can someone show me how to use this locker correctly or can someone point me in the direction of another working content locker.
  8. C

    What email collection tools do you use for your sites?

    Hey there, Been building up a bunch of websites for Content Lockers. I want to collect emails so I can send targeted sales emails to the niches I'm running the content lockers for. What tools do you use to collect emails on your websites? Especially popups and popups that occur when someone...
  9. EloquentGentleman

    I Need Help With CPAGrip!

    Currently I am having a bit of a dilemna and am thinking about simply using OGAds as I was before (or Adworks Media which I just recently found) if I cant get this resolved soon. I have made a couple landing pages using instabuilder 2.0 (wordpress plugin) and I put my CPAGrip code in the header...
  10. C

    Need a smoother Content Locker - any ideas?

    Yoooo! I am another one of these long time lurkers who finally decided to get started (but for real this time).. I have been developing some projects in the last months and they are going quite okay, thanks to bhw! But I have encountered a problem, and wonder if any of you might have an idea...
  11. BusinessSmack

    Content Locker Developer Needed

    I am looking for someone or a team who has experience within the affiliate marketing content locker space. A few projects in the pipline we need developer and design help with. PM me with your credentials!
  12. J

    Just A Quick Question.

    Was wondering if content locking a site hurts its ranking a lot? If I have a domain but have a subdomain on that domain that is locked with 2 ads to complete before being unlocked and I send a lot of traffic from tumblr, twitter, instagram and youtube to it will this hurt the ranking of the...
  13. A

    Do all cpa/ content lockers need ssn

    Im trying to find a content locker for a fake streaming site but all keep asking for ssn. Is this the norm for all or just the ones I'm looking at?
  14. U

    Social Content Locker?

    I was looking at adding a social content locker to my website but I am not sure if it would help with getting more likes/followers and which is the best one? I was looking at some on CodeCanyon and there are some that are just for WordPress, some for PHP and others in JavaScript. My website has...
  15. C

    Watch me and Learn! Journey to $10 a day!

    Hey guys, not much of you know much, but for those who don't my name is Chris. I been recently reading a few journey threads and have been inspired to make my own thread. I am currently using a content locker to lock a notepad file with the promised information. What network and I using, bee...
  16. eunicemartinez_21

    [Help] Content locker that appear on when visitor click on something...

    I need a free content locker were the content locking will appear after a visitor clicks on something. I am using BHCB 4.0 but this does not have the feature I want. I need something that is free. I really want to buy CLPro 2 but don't have the money yet. So anyone can help me or point me...
  17. raj5151

    How to Create CPA / Affiliate website for approval

    I purchased Content Locker Pro few days before. I have a CPA networks list. If I applying any CPA networks before I need a website. How to create a website specially for content locking? I already have some knowledge in wordpress, html etc, but a little confuse about the content for my website...
  18. sfidirectory

    [URGENT]How do you have the download button activate your content locker?

    Hey everyone, Am trying to implement a method from this thread here: have got as far as purchasing the domain name and hosting and setting up the CMS (and of course neccessary plugins etc)...
  19. noxon06

    CPA Gatelock [Free Content Lock Pro alternative ???]

    Hi guys.. i found something that I tihnk it could be an alternative to Content Locker Pro ... just i am Awful with scripts, codes, php and so on .. PLUS am pretty new working with CPA offers and the few instructions about this script are in Indonesian lenguage!! so... even harder for me :eek...
  20. B

    48 hours straight.........

    48 hours straight and still can't make this code come out right for my custom content locker with ads. I might just leave it how it is now. I am making $50+ a day. I just want to make more money. I have an example on my site below: