content generation

  1. D

    Can PHP Rubix ML or PHP ML libraries be used for text generation or paraphrasing?

    I found a couple of PHP libraries for machine learning, Rubix ML and PHP ML. I looked through their features and projects, but didn't recognize anything that sounded like text generation, or paraphrasing. Ala GPT, or Pegasus paraphrase. Do these PHP machine learning libraries have any projects...
  2. D

    How much would HuggingFace cost as compared to OpenAI for GPT? How would you compare the two pricing models?

    I am confused on how to compare the pricing of OpenAI and HuggingFace. HuggingFace says they charge $50 per million input words. OpenAI charges per 1K tokens, which I think is about 800 words. HuggingFace: OpenAI: How exactly should one compare this pricing to OpenAI, which charges per...
  3. Sartre

    [Journey] 1 million UVs/month in 12 months using AI generated content. Let's do it!

    Hey folks, I have a background in computer science. I already own several profitable content websites (but nothing crazy), and I'm tired of creating/outsourcing content. I've created a simple app in Python that goes through the top results on Google for a given keyword, takes a paragraph from...
  4. IG Professor

    Ranking & Indexing 20,000 Sub domain PBNs with SPUN content

    What this journey is about At 4.27 I started a BST here regarding content. This content is not Copyscape passed. The goal of this thread is to break this myth about Copyscape - people giving it too much credit where in fact the only authority that can decide if your content worth...
  5. W

    Non-English AI content

    I see there are many solutions especially on GPT-2. I am thinking to use GPT-2 for non-english language. I would like to train it to my language. Is there a guide how to do it (if I am not a coder). Is it a realistic idea or too big effort? If anybody can help on this or suggest then please...
  6. dreadpixel

    ★MAGIC CONTENT★➡CREATE 1000's of Images/Video in mins & SCHEDULE to ALL Networks ➡FB/IN/TW/WP/YT/RSS

  7. michiosha1

    How smart is Google IRT non-english content?

    It can detect low quality spin-content in english, that's why it's used mostly for T2 links. However let's assume that I have Thai money site with only Thai sites backlinking to it, can I use lower quality content in Thai language there (for example push something that I'd use for T2 to T1...
  8. hideath

    RankerX, what to use and how to use?

    Hey there, I'm planning to get RankerX for a very limited amount of time (7days) However, I'm very limited in terms of cash, and I want to know what will be the best method to make things work? I already created 18 tier 1 long web 2.0 articles, inserted a homepage link on it. I made 4 another...
  9. Davedavidson

    SEM Rush marketplace disappointment

    I wanted to share my experience with using SEM Rush for content generation in case you were thinking of trying it out. Pro Quick turnaround. Con I brought the 2000 word article and it was quite poorly written. I would rate it slightly better than Fiverr but overall, the writer did no research...
  10. Purush

    Method - Creating quality content without spending much

    Duplicate content works or not . This is the one of the biggest question in the IM. It is definitely work with twist and rework. Here is the method I am using to create a good content. The main important part is, you have to be good knowledge about what you are blogging otherwise it may end up...
  11. N

    Spun content to readable content

    Does anyone know any software that can turn spun content into readable content? I prefer free or cheap options.
  12. vodkacola

    AI content generation

    Anyone here using state of the art AI stuffs to generate content? Looks like it has some potential :rolleyes: This text was completely generated by OpenAI's GPT-2 system. I used the webapp at: Some random article about GPT-2 and it's use cases...
  13. JOSourcing

    Get Over 800 Different Articles from One Topic with First Draft, the AI Content Generator

    Introducing the...
  14. Yakob Smith

    AI in content generation

    How far do you think AI will take content generation, from news articles to education materials. Do you believe that it maybe be possible to create such a advanced AI as to write articles with nothing but quotes, some stats and some other materials? I'm talking to a journalist level of quality...
  15. C

    Are there any sites with free HTML templates for ads (if not, a paid solution)?

    Hi, I’m looking to create a vertical ad 120*600 or 160*600 with 3/4 ads (vertical). My affiliate network doesn’t have a generator for this, and as of yet, I have not found any suitable solutions (paid or unpaid). Any suggestions?
  16. GentleBeast

    Greetings My Friends... Need help achieving a goal...

    Greeting mates, Super Newb here but not a newbie to the site. I have spent countless hours on this forum recently simply trying to navigate and learn the vernacular. Here's my short story: A few months ago I was let go unexpectedly let go from Network Admin position at a Fortune 500...
  17. M

    Looking For WP Specialists For 500 Domains - Multiple Sectors - PBN

    Hello everyone, We have over 500 domains in different sectors. Each industry has nearly 100 domains. We have been dealing with this PBNs internally and would like to outsource some parts. All technical things are being handled by us. Distribution, servers, IPs, WP installations, etc...
  18. A

    [Ask] Are you still making money with auto blogging on 2017?

    Hi, i want to start making an autoblog, i searched a lot on this forum but i cant find new post talking about it, i just find old post. so here's my question Are you still making money with auto blogging on 2017? if yes, give me some information how to do that, if no, can you suggest me how...
  19. jacker818

    Best Content Generator or Method For RankerX

    Hello BHW Fam, I have been using Kontent Machine and Wicked Article Creator for some time now to generate all of my tier 2 content and i haven't been pleased with the results. Just wanted to hit up the community and see what are some methods you guys currently use to generate your content for...
  20. N

    Rewriting works or not ?

    Simple question, do rewriting article in a way that it turns out to be 100% unique helps or not for an authority website ? what i will do is this: pick 3 or 4 article about same topic and scrape the unique points in them and rewrite them so that they become 100% unique, will that work?