content duplication

  1. ziemis

    Problem with duplicated products

    Hello BHW! On the product subpages of the e-commerce I manage, there is a "Model-compatible" section. By clicking on individual models, the user is directed to a new product page, directed to a specific product. The newly opened product page is a copy of the general page - the "parent" -...
  2. N

    Can i use my website content for my off page submissions? is this cause any duplication issue?

    I am having the description for the particular product in my website, Can i use the same description while doing off page submission for the same product?. or, I need to go with the new description(New content) for off page submissions?
  3. deedee1whoa

    Content stealer caught - what would you do?

    It's not America's loved TV show but... A real life situation. You caught someone who is automatically re-publishing ALL of your content without your consent on their website (PBN), in real-time. That way, you have their other website as well. No contact anywhere. What would you do and, how...
  4. vinniffa

    Duplicated Content Websites - is it a waste of time?

    Hey guys.. I've been working on setting up one of these 'lot of repeated articles' adsense ready websites, which, of course, work with content that is already out there.. duplicated content. Now, from your guys experience, is it a waste of time trying to grab some organic traffic with this...
  5. P

    Articles Copied by SEO Company

    I found that one of the famous company coping articles from Ezine and then published it on their website. They are publishing articles with modification. They are also adding their website links on author bio and articles content. I want to know your opinion. What you think, please post...
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