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  1. Alex D.

    Block copying content from the website

    I saw few wordpress websites, they block right mouse click, F12 button and CTRL+F, they have pretty much good position on SERP. So the only way for someone to copy content from them is to paste "view-source:" before the domain name. Only a "few" people know for that, so I think they are...
  2. S

    Which blog or website content (like sports,cinema ,...) easy to get US,UK traffic....

    Step 1 : bought VPS hosting... step 2 : Looking advice for Blog content which BLOG or website to get more US,UK traiffc... step 3 : After decided get ready facebook,twitter ,etc accounts for promote...
  3. 5

    Content Scraping Help

    Hey guys I need some advice. I want to grab content off a website that posts really specific information. This info gets google search hits because of its long search keywords. So I think it would be easy to replicate by scraping the content. And I want to use it as data aggregation for other...
  4. A

    please please help me regarding Backlinking and Content Writing ( im new in seo )

    hi friends! im new in seo after to much searches i found BHW and got lot of information this forum is superb please any one tel me step by step few things:- 1st question :- regarding online games website, video tutorial websites and dramas entertaiment websites Backlinking:- how i will...
  5. N

    Guidance needed from all the Guru's Calling

    Greetings, i have started website focusing on entertainment news,gossips. movie reviews etc , after few months of struggle i am (i think) able to set the correct seo structure and got my adsense approved. ( UAE Target ) now the concern is CONTENT - regarding it i have few questions which i...
  6. S

    Is curating content a good way to increase traffice and PR? Page one content curator?

    I saw a video on Page One's software "Content Curator" and am wondering if it is worth the price of a license? The creator claims that it works better than back-links and on-site SEO. I am just not sure because I am so new to all of this. I am wondering if anyone has had any experince using...
  7. P

    Articles Copied by SEO Company

    I found that one of the famous company coping articles from Ezine and then published it on their website. They are publishing articles with modification. They are also adding their website links on author bio and articles content. I want to know your opinion. What you think, please post...
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