please please help me regarding Backlinking and Content Writing ( im new in seo )

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    hi friends!

    im new in seo after to much searches i found BHW and got lot of information this forum is superb

    please any one tel me step by step few things:-

    1st question :- regarding online games website, video tutorial websites and dramas entertaiment websites

    Backlinking:- how i will create backlink and which strategy 1st i will start ?

    Tier 1 :- which types of linkinbuilding and websites i will use in use in Tier 1 ?

    Tier 2 :- from which types of websites i will get backlinks and start tier 2 strategy ?

    Tier 3 :- which types and pr websites comes in tier 3

    hope so u will get my point what i want to ask
    2nd question :-

    english is not my 1st language its my 3rd language and im not able to write good article

    kindly suggest me if i will copy any content from any site will i face copy right issue ? if i will face then i can resolve that issue which spinning software is best and i can able to earn money from my money site if i will upload spinning articles which i copied from any site ?
    3rd question :-

    i heard about VPS + SEO TOOLS in this forum for black hat seo

    tel me which company give best and little bit cheap rate services ? and from where i will get legit seo tool with vps and in the initial stage which software i will use for back linking and content spinning ?