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  1. TheGarden

    Free version of SEMRush Topic Research

    SEMRush provides a Topic Research feature for helping to build a list of article ideas and topic clusters around certain keywords. I found the demo pretty useful in helping to build a content strategy. However, it's a limited demo and wondered if there's any free tools out there capable of...
  2. TheDankChocolate

    [Help] Does content from count as unique?

    I am planning to build a new website now and the current domain that I have which is Adsense Approved was picked up by me in the auction. It had beautifully written content that served the SERPs. However, the owner forgot to renew the domain and I picked the domain. Let us call the domain...
  3. P

    My content toolset for you. Let's become partner

    Hi, I have following tools in my bucket but due to time constraints, I am looking for a partner who can write around atleast 10 article (Niche - ecomm, Education and career) for me ranging from 2000-3000 words in a month for my money site ( but obvious I need good quality content based on your...
  4. D

    Is there any software or website that you can find viral content for Instagram and Tiktok?

    Is there any software or website that you can find viral content?
  5. P

    What is the best way to find new content for creation?

    This might not be the first time when someone asked for it, but I am just curious to know one question about content creation. Till this point the way i am creating content is getting more and more content around the keywords i.e. short tail and long tails, but that is what i think is good for...
  6. Elysional


    Content Gorilla 2.0 Pro -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I will send you a special PM Content Creaite Elysional Plan -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I...
  7. sumitgupta1992

    My news site with amp and your content

    Hello Guys, I am looking forward to a partnership or joint venture. I have a entertainment news site that is Google News approved and AMP enabled. The site is ranking pretty decently and needs a ton of content on a daily basis. Now due to other commitments and lack of resources I am unable to...
  8. Elionell

    How to Grow Wordpress Game site! Help please.

    :(Good day everyone! Am new to web design! Sometime last year, I built a website with Wordpress. It was all about clash of clans news etc. I got contents and used spinner on some of them, yet AdSense kept saying Scraped content. This year i built a new website with...
  9. SEO-TechGuide

    What is White Hat SEO techniques? Do you believe in SEO?

    This post, we would like to add a few ingredients to the utilization of SEO techniques online before I tell the white HAT SEO techniques. A few years, back at my SEO office, a newcomer joins the office and he asked me how to write content for a page based on SEO. It was a formal conversation and...
  10. D


    GIVEAWAY 500 WORDS 4 FIRST TWO WHO PM ME... Also put a message on this thread. Only 2 possible so 500*2.
  11. evitaerc

    Hiring Long Term Stock Analysis Article Writer

    Hi there. Looking to hire a long term article writer (maybe 2-3). I run a successful account on a stock analysis syndication network. I write (buy/sell) articles about a stock, the network approves/disproves the article, and I get a base payment+per views. Over the past few months I've run...
  12. Amer Alkathiri

    How To Transfer Posts?

    How can I transfer my posts on Blogger to Google Sites? is it possible?
  13. Pro-Hustler

    [HELP] Grammarly premium acc for content

    hey mates, I'm asking a favor is there any working tweaks to get hold on grammarly premium. I'm deeply in need of it's premium version. please pm if you have any acc to giveaway Waiting for your kind responses.
  14. R

    Content writer for rewrite 10-14 articles weekly

    I need a CHEAP & GOOD content writer for my new site. He/she will write content articles about woman health and care and any review. Most of the time we will provide with samples for rewrite them but is possible that the person will need provide with a few more articles. This is a long-term...
  15. JB2302

    [GUIDE] How to rewrite articles properly

    I have been doing some spinning and some AI based content in my blog. It was going really fine. but some of the reader was saying about the odd writing in the content. I checked my webmaster tool. I was losing rank their I have got in months. then i decided to give proper attention to my...
  16. megaMind007

    Need Professional Content Writer for long term

    Hi, I need 2-3 Professional Content Writer for long term based writing the content for my website blog post, service page and web 2.0.... the content based on photo editing services (clipping path service, photo retouching services, Image Masking Service etc). Its content should be well...
  17. CokeAndCake

    Optimizing Content with tool

    I have recently foudn the tool from cognitiveseo to optimize your content with their suggested keyowrds (lsi keywords most likely). So now that I have optimized it im asking myself though, was that a bad idea? Just wanted to ask if someone had any experience with the content assistant from...