1. Guntater

    What's the worst financial decision you've ever made?

    Let's learn from each other's mistakes. I'll share my story with you, trying to keep it brief. Mine is the traditional "cheap stock looks like a good deal" kind of thing. I invested in Blockbuster Video, which I thought was a well-known brand and some friends suggested it had big plans ahead...
  2. Josh Saga

    Not gonna lie I find the Shit List threads quite therapeutic

    It kinda takes away all the stress from my day when a new SL thread got approved - It boils down to me realizing there are people having worse problems in their lives like dealing with Shit Listed sellers - anybody remembers the member who got banned for not wanting to refund $20 a couple of...
  3. prey24

    Truth that I haven't told you

    This is an ugly truth that I am to tell you about me and I know I will receive some heat from people. If you following me you know that I always say I made some money by reselling services. well, I was selling IM courses from other people{copyrighted} and tools and Softwares and made a lot of...
  4. Visual Eagle

    Outsourcing from Fiverr at its best :D

    Was just browsing some reddit and look what I found in the confession section.
  5. F

    I Have A Confession I Have To Make...

    I wear my sunglasses at night...
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