1. Josh Saga

    Not gonna lie I find the Shit List threads quite therapeutic

    It kinda takes away all the stress from my day when a new SL thread got approved - It boils down to me realizing there are people having worse problems in their lives like dealing with Shit Listed sellers - anybody remembers the member who got banned for not wanting to refund $20 a couple of...
  2. prey24

    Truth that I haven't told you

    This is an ugly truth that I am to tell you about me and I know I will receive some heat from people. If you following me you know that I always say I made some money by reselling services. well, I was selling IM courses from other people{copyrighted} and tools and Softwares and made a lot of...
  3. Visual Eagle

    Outsourcing from Fiverr at its best :D

    Was just browsing some reddit and look what I found in the confession section.
  4. F

    I Have A Confession I Have To Make...

    I wear my sunglasses at night...