computer help

  1. D

    Hiring expert in creating add to cart bots!

    I am looking to hire someone who knows how to create bots made to buy multiple limited release items. Each job will take 1 hour max and you will be compensated generously. $100-500+ please reply to this thread or pm me. (jobs will come frequently) 1-3 times per month.
  2. E

    Computer genuises HELP!!!!!!

    Okay maybe this is not the right place to post this but I know that there's lot's of computer savvy's here so... Anyways I was playing around with my computers screen resolution(win 7) and I accidentally did something that made the computer send the video data to a vga monitor that does not...
  3. built2blast

    I hate my father-in-law

    SO my father in law in which we live with, fell down last night which knocked over a vase that was sitting on top of his computer deck, Slammed into his beer and poured it all over his laptop now the thing won't turn on. He said he is going to use mine until August. WTF? I am soo angry right now.
  4. B

    Wassup Folks!!

    Hello everyone! My name is Brian and I'm here trying to get tips of all I can about websites and building up my business. Thanks, Brian
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