competitor ranking

  1. P

    Spam Sites Still Ranking in August 2018

    Hi guys, Just been looking at some of my competitors backlink profile on AHREFS and they are ranking purely on spam. For example, 2000 domains and 64'000 backlinks which are largely comments. I know that they could be cloaking links but for the sake of argument lets say that they are not. I am...
  2. blackshadowseo

    Backlinks analysis

    My competitor has nearly 2 k referring domains but i cant say which are his own which are spam which are original.How to identify the domains from where he is getting power?How to identify his PBN sites?
  3. B

    FREE ACCESS - $47 Competition Analysis Course

    Here a coupon code for a nice little Competition Analysis on Udemy Coupon: STH-CA69 For some reason I can't post the direct link. Visit Udemy and then add /how-to-anaylze-your-online-competition/ to the main link and you are good to go!!. When you confirm the order you it get it FREE - $47...
  4. O

    My website vs competitors in Open Site Explorer

    Hello I've compared my website with 2 of my main competitors in Open Site Explorer. I can't reveal the niche but it's something like for example laptop specs. The webpages have very little content, just the laptop specs. First some information: My website (keyword+word .be) - Domain 2 years...
  5. W

    is there an easy free tool to estimate a competitors pageviews/day?

    Hi there, when starting a new niche one often comes across others already with a decent site in that area, so it would be great to figure out how well the other is potentially doing before investing your time into it. Any easy way to get an estimate on his daily or monthly page views or site...
  6. J

    best way to drop competitor ranking.

    It,s proven method because 2 of my website ranking have been drop from top 10 it was top 10 from about 6 month. now, both the sites are not even visible in 500 some what. It,s more then 2 month there is no change in my ranking position. 1 site have a position of 527 and second one around 436...
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