1. fsoron

    Can i share my betting affiliate success story ?

    if is it ok so i will share my experience here.
  2. E

    How to recieve you commission instantly through hotmart?

    Hi, guys. Recently i decided to start working with digital marketing. But i needed some money and experience, so i decided to try beeing an afiliate. Except the fact that hotmart only allow us to recieve our money only one month after the sale. Does anybody knows how can i get my money instantly?
  3. S

    Looking for Advertisers

    Hello I'm looking for people who can promote my listings and bring me some sales, I'm a etsy seller and I sell face sketch so anyone interested feel free to contact me or reply this thread. Due to low points I cannot reply here in comments feel free to reach me pm
  4. wireman

    Monthly Based Affiliate Offers

    I am searching for some offers, which generate me every month commission. Something like i start and i made sell 5 in first week. so next month i should get commission for those 5 sell. as long customer have the monthly subscribe on that offers i will get my commission. Anyone know about this...
  5. L

    Looking for cold caller to call leads that didn’t answer.

    5% commissions, average total deal is 1100, or if you want to work hourly it will be 3$-5$ per hr, depending on experience. 5% of 1100 means $55 per deal!! Your only job is to get client interested in using us. You are trying to get the lead in the pipeline. I will provide mentorship, and...
  6. E

    25% commission per sale, if you could help with Traffic.

    So, I created these sweatpants and they've been pretty popular. We're retailing at $90 and would offer you 25% ($22.5) per pair for each pair sold through your marketing. Please let me know if you have any ideas or if this is interesting.
  7. Danny Crypto

    Earned some dollars : CrakRevenue

    Hey BHW'ers, After a lot of reading and little investment online I made my first 80$ online :) But the thing is it's in CrakRevenue account and I have a Paxum account for it but I am having some doubts regarding paxum and or any other alternative you people can suggest me to get my money out...
  8. Gary Carlyle

    Best entertainment paying trial that isnt dating or gambling.

    Hi, I have a TV website and I want to offer a free trial of something in the entertainment category but since I use Adsense and I am in the UK I want to avoid dating or gambling. So far I am thinking Amazon Prime but it only pays £3 commission. I would still like to hear other offers in...
  9. S

    Looking for Affiliate publishers (health niche - 15% commision)

    I think this is the correct place to post this. I'm looking for people who know want to earn some money with commissions from selling my products on their site. DM me if you're interest.
  10. Juhász Tamás

    Adult paysite affiliate partners wanted! 50% commision (15$/month/member)!

    Hi guys! I'm trying to find people who interested in joining our affiliate program, and make some money together. We're running an adult lesbian, cleaning lady themed site, called "Cleanin Babes" ( There are no restrictions about who can join the program. If you feel like...
  11. nifras

    help to sell my product

    i need help to sell my product 50% commission promise add me on skype: g4ceobiz
  12. NickCHLN

    Paying taxes from commission question

    Hey guys :D Ok i was wondering how i would go about paying my taxes from PPL commission while being under 18. I did my research and read up on estimated taxes. But i have never payed taxes before as this is my first year being self employed and ever having income. So that's where the problem...
  13. V

    Make money from Holiday Club membership

    HI All, I am going to discuss here a totally new way of making money. Have you ever thought of earning money by enjoying holiday? yes you heard it right; A holiday can give you chance to earn money. So how does it work?? Its very simple whenever you plan your next holiday get your package...
  14. W

    Offering referral program, you get up to 10k each!

    Hi everyone, I hope all is well. This is a template from another successful poster on here and I edited it to tell you what we're offering. My agency, eLIONWEB + .com, is offering extremely generous commission packages to anyone that refers us to a new client. You DO NOT need to do any selling...
  15. O

    Affiliates Wanted!! 10% Commission Ratio on Items that actually sell!

    Come make easy money selling something everyone loves and Is a proven winner! We offer one of the highest commissions in this particular business. If Interested, please message me for the link.
  16. J

    Anyone familiar with the software Commission Breakthrough?

    Let me know any details you have about it :)
  17. R

    Affiliate Program 20% Commision Make $50 a Sale

    Hi I'm interested in accepting members into my website's Affiliate Program. I created my website through 3dcart and I will be using their built in Affiliate Program. I will offer 20% of the sale which is currently $25 for my product. I will be adding more items with even more commission. My...
  18. BlackTrader

    €€€GET 10-20€€€ PER SALE Dropship on Original Adidas clothes < Ebay Sellers needed >

    Hey there so im going straight to the point im selling adidas jackets/pullovers on egay de the stuff is so hot selling that i couldnt belive it (5 hoodies in 1 day), the only problem is that the new sellers have limitiations for selling stuff max 5-10 branded items per month here is what i...
  19. blackma

    Zippo Lighter Affiliate Program

    Hey guys, I need an invite to the Zippo Cash affiliate program located here. Was promoting zippos with Amazon but these guys claim to have better rates and wanted to check em out. Could anybody give me an invite please?
  20. G

    Need Cold Callers

    Me and my partner are starting our own web design business and we are in need of a few experienced cold callers. We are willing to negotiate commision rates and supply you with a list of about 600 potential clients. We are willing to pay extra depending if you can generate your own listings...
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