comment spam

  1. noellarkin

    Comment Spam on BHW

    This has probably been going on forever but I never noticed until today.
  2. noellarkin

    My Favourite Example Of YT Comment Spam

    Just came across this in the comments section of a Jordan B. Peterson video :)
  3. P0kem0n

    How to spam comment section safely?

    Hello BHW’ers, I have some private custom bot to spam in comments section under the articles of huge news websites (like cnn.c0m). I made up the plan to use it to spam under some articles with my money site address. The thing is that those comments doesnt let you post active links, but it rather...
  4. cyberkyd

    Comment Poster

    Recently i encountered an incident that lead me writing this article here on #BHW. I was on SERP looking for a keyword "Amazon prime support" and i got bunch of craps Ranking high on Google SERP ie fake amazone prime support Toll-Free Number with a bunch of keywords stuffed there and most of...
  5. I

    Cyclical Comment Spam

    I've been taking care of a ton of spam comments for a site I manage and noticed that it seems to be thematic based on the month - just thought I'd post here - it's interesting: January- mostly God-related spam December - mostly shoe-related spam November - mostly SEO - related spam October -...
  6. C

    Method for Newbies - $50-$100/day Porn Site E-Whore

    Mods, please delete
  7. M

    Places to Comment Spam?

    As we all know, YouTube comments are the fastest and most free way to get traffic online. I was just wondering if any of you could share any other comment methods to get traffic? Facebook pages work horribly compared to YouTube and all the other video sharing sites have little to no traffic.
  8. WebmasterDeluxe

    WordPress Spam Rates SkyRocket OverNight

    I know I woke up this morning to about 500 emails in my email box with this VERY same problem? Did anyone else expererience this?? It matches the descriptions perfect..I wonder if this is related to that mess over the last few days with Wordpress? WordPress Spam Rates SkyRocket OverNight...
  9. givemelove

    Test out this New Blog commentor

    hi, i have Made a blog commentor and this needs to be put to bigger tests which i cannot do myself due to limited internet speeds. so, download this here VT ...
  10. P

    ScrapeBox Trailfinding

    Finding lists of blog pages which take links and are auto approve is really difficult. But there are many large site that already have done a great deal of hard work and if you look at the inbound links on some of these sites it reveals the work and the blogs. The problems is these sites have...
  11. beatuplunchbox

    Blogengine Comment Links Question

    I was blog commenting and came across a blogengine blog that has backlinks placed in the name field of the comment form somehow. There is no website or url field on the comment form. Any html of bb code does not work... Can see where others tried and failed all over the page... Anyone have...
  12. blackma

    I need a comment spammer and PM sender

    I need a tool like this for generic websites. Any good all round tools that can do this??:)
  13. S

    How to increase my Page Ranks...?

    # I have 5-6 Blogs with each min.50 pages unique contents... # Each sites getting 250 organic visitors per month. # Each sites have above 250 backlinks through "comment spamming, social networking sites", etc., # But all of has 0 Pagerank... I have seen some more sites,blogs got pagerank 2, 3...
  14. S

    How many comment backlinks perday...?

    Suggest me, how many comment Posting backlinks is best Perday, through "Auto Approve" Comment Posting... (to save site from google spam bot)...?
  15. womanfcuker

    Google is Warning about Comment Spamming | Must Read

    Google is warning on comment spamming in their latest post in webmaster blog. It is a must update for the web masters. What you guys think? Will it be good for the quality of the net? How badly it will effect...
  16. N

    What other blog software do not require Login/Captchas for commenting?

    I am currently aware of WP, NucleusCms, Wwwboard and Guestbooks that do not need Login or Captcha on the Comment forms. Besides these, what other Blog software do not require Login/Captchas for commenting?
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