1. designer style

    [GUIDE] How to buy three .com domains for almost 10$

    Hi coupon code to buy the first domain from Cosmotwon for only $2.05 => COM23 coupon code to buy the second domain from Spaceship for only $2.04 => COM67 coupon code to buy the third domain from Godaddy for only $3.17 => GDD2dom (even if I don't recommend GoDaddy) *** ALL COUPONS ARE VALID FOR...
  2. Tube Agency

    Use a hyphen or different extension in domain name?

    Title says it all. The .com domain without hyphen is taken, so I can't figure out if it's better to use .net extension or a hyphen between keywords. Imagine you're a client, what would appear more trustworthy to you? So, for example: "carcow.com" is taken. Is it better to: 1) use car-cow.com...
  3. tazarbm

    Is Sav Good??

    Hi, I was hunting for a .com offer that's cheaper than the usual (porkbun, namesilo, namecheap, etc) and I stumbled upon a website called sav.com which offers .coms for $7. And while this is still not a price to brag about, for some reason I'd like to give them a try, but I'd like to know a few...
  4. domainbuddy_in

    [Domain Game] Let's Share Ideas for Your .COM Domain Names

    Hello, Have you ever thought to develop your favourite .COM name but lack ideas..!! Let's have some idea-sharing game here which may be helpful for fellow domainers.. Just share 1 of your best .COM name and let others help you in sharing ideas for the same. P.S: Ideas should be royalty-free and...
  5. domainbuddy_in

    Verisign announces .com price hike to $8.39

    It was reported that Verisign announces a .com price hike to $8.39. What do you think about it?
  6. M

    Unlimited Free With SSL .com . net . business Domain Name

    Hello Everyone If You`re Looking for Domain .Com . Net . Business .... With SSl Certificate FOR FREE . Follow This Simple Steps First Step .. First Go To Mailchimp (dot) Com .. Or Just Google It Second Step .. Click On Claim Free Domain For 5 Years .. 3. step .. Register with Them .. U...
  7. B

    Find lots of cheap and good domains

    I shared a convenient source/database earlier to find domains as cheap as possible, but as useful as it is, its not complete. Well, here is another one, which seems more complete and even more useful: https://tldes.com/list For instance, 4 places to buy .com domains (the COM) really super...
  8. knopper

    .COM domain for just 5.99$

    Hello BHW Family! Just now I saw that Dynadot is running an offer for the month of March. You can get a .COM domain for just 5.99$ Coupon Code: MARCH599COM Enjoy!
  9. Doctor Strange

    why .Com domain?

    Need help choosing a domain name. Suppose my agency's name is TrumpDigital Now, which extension should I take and why? 01. TrumpDigital.com 02. Trump.Digital Also, should I consider .net if .com not available? Thanks.
  10. shiboshy

    Free .com domain for the luckiest person that sees this first (Jr. VIP only)

    Want a .com for free to make your day a bit better than usual even if you can afford it? No problem! Send me the domain name you want, i will register and push it to your Namecheap account. Requirements for this giveaway: Namecheap account. Jr. VIP member. (please do not post if you are not a...
  11. Emmanuel A

    Where to get cheap .com domains

    Here are 3 websites where you can buy cheap .com domains this October 2019. .com £1.99 123-reg.co.uk .com £0.99 godaddy.com .com €1.49 domainFactory
  12. L

    Help Needed on where to register a .com.br or .br.com extension

    Help Needed on where to register a .com.br or .br.com extension Thanks
  13. shiboshy

    Free .com Domain!

    I have been inspired by some guys on this forum that have helped me in the last 2 months with issues that i had to go through. They were so nice to me and solved all that mess in no time and when i maxed out my debt, one of them even paid my Jr. VIP without even knowing me personally. No one...
  14. Badboy Enterprise

    .com under $1?

    where to get .com domains under $1 for the first year? already used godaddy
  15. homeriscool

    Launching a new website - should I use .com or new TLD ?

    Hi all, I'm about to launch a new website but I am torn between using one of the new domain extensions or using.com. Which one would you use and why?
  16. spyguyzz

    No 1 Source of Expired Domain Names - Buy expired domain with PA, DA, Alexa, traffic

  17. NProductions

    Lets Discuss about Influencer Marketing ..

    What kind of Platform would benefit Both Brands & influencers.. what are your thoughts... TGIF ))
  18. Dave Greenwood

    20% off of registrations and transfers of .CAs, .COMs, .NETs and .ORGs

    Get an EXTRA %20 off already reduced costs at Rebel.ca & Rebel.com USE - 20PROMO at checkout This great promo has been extended throughout the month of February! (maximum 10 uses per client) 20% off of registrations and transfers of .CA, .COM, .NET or .ORG domains! Cheers Guys!
  19. B

    Which is the best domain marketplace for selling domain names?

    The marketplaces have been showing more response than the other platforms all together..
  20. 1Ambition

    NailSalonNearMe.com Part of the "Near Me" local SEO phenomenon. What do you think it's worth?

    Search volume: 1,220,000/mo | CPC: $2.19 | I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on this domain. The search volume is not an error. "Near Me" search trends have grown exponentially over the past 5-10 years. So, what do you think?
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