1. Gurusocial

    URLs of Binance and Some Other Exchanges blocked in India

    So What do you think About this are aur assets safe aur Should we Transfer Them on Other Platforms Because the Binance App is Still Working? Till Now only there URL are not working and Which other Platfrom Do you suggest for Spot Trading.
  2. Jake662

    Journey To Starting A BTC Mixer

    I would like to start off by welcoming you to my new thread. Here we will be discussing my journey in the BTC Mixing scene. I have the following done and setup accordingly: 1. Domain Name ✅ 2. VPS Hosting ✅ 3. Mixer Setup ✅ 4. Telegram Bot Setup ✅ I am looking into the following: 1...
  3. D

    Hello from numismatist

    Hi. I`m Yurii. I have been interested in numismatics for the last 28 years. I scrolled through dozens of topics on this forum. Involved: very interesting and useful. I continue to study in order to learn how to promote my blog about world coins.
  4. TGI

    here why I just invest $3 K's woofSolana NFT Token

    I'm in cryptos since a while beside of my working as a full stack developer. I find this friendly and helpful community in Discord with NFT collection called WOOFER and a token called $woof build on Solana " $SOL " Eco system. and its first meme coin ever with DAO. Please do not invest, I wrote...
  5. tazarbm

    I don't get it...

    Been watching videos on how this whole cryptocurrency thing works for 6 hours straight, and my head is spinning. I am literally having headaches as I type this and I'm gonna take a rest, but I need to get these questions out there before I collapse and forget about them... So, after watching...
  6. R4v3nbl4ck

    How about 100,000,000% APY? Snowbank DAO

    Snowbank DAO is yet another fork of Olympus DAO, but on Avalanche. It launched a couple of days ago so the current rewards are insane: 1,2% every 8 hours, 20% every 5 days or 100,000,000% per year. Of course, the APY is not gonna be like that forever. It will go lower and lower until it...
  7. R4v3nbl4ck

    High risk, high reward DeFi with 8000% APY

    OlympusDAO is an experimental DeFi platform where you can currently earn about 8000% APY by simply staking its token called OHM. It's a legit project similar to Terra/LUNA and you can read how it works here: Obviously the APY won't be 8000%...
  8. Ninjathugs

    new pokemon league of legends game

    who has an idea to milk this baby out like pokemon go & league of legends this could be a money cow! pokemon unite... lets unite and team up
  9. shiboshy

    My New Crypto Portfolio Journey - Is Consolidation near the End or I am going to Lose my Money?

    It's been a while after I posted a crypto thread since I've been on a vacation for a while and I have sold all my assets back in May, 2021 - this is excluding what we bought with my wife that will be given to our kids once they turn 18. We sold with huge profits (started buying February 2021)...
  10. Snqke

    Best Plateform to buy BTC/USDT/ETH?

    Hi Guys, I'd like to buy some coins like BTC/USDT/ETH.. with (EURO/DOLLAR /GBP) Credit Card, and send them to specific person wallet. i own a uk company (LTD) for business account, so what is the best plateform with minimum fees from uk and easy to get verified?
  11. B

    Best $0.1 to $2 coins on Coinbase

  12. MSF

    So You Don't Give A Fuck? You Better Buy Zero-Fucks-Coin!

    Zero Fucks Coins Allow You To Literally Give Zero Fucks Read the full article here Official Zero Fucks website: leveraging something like this is very smart. Something funny Something people say Selling real coins and rings even "My 2 Cents" Oh, and the "Rat's...
  13. MatthewGraham

    The pinnacle of SEO: Buy Mario and Luigi Gloves Online
  14. B

    Online games coins or "game cash". (FIFA etc...)

    Hi. I would like to know if there is any provider (like the panels) who provides bulk coins, skins or stuff related to online games. If so could you share it or pm with it. Thank You
  15. F

    Verification process at bitfinex

    Hi All, Has anyone signed up to bitfinex recently since i signed up and submitted all documents about a month ago and still nothing. sent them 2 support requests an they just seems to be getting ignored. are these legit people running the platform and are their any other platforms that dont...
  16. virtualexperts

    Which CryptoCurrencies i should buy now?

    Hello Friends, i would like to invest $2-$3K on CryptoCurrencies. But i dont want to buy bitcoin because it increased a lot. So it wont be wise decision to buy bitcoin now. Looking for expert suggetion about CryptoCurrencies/
  17. J

    Easy Crypto Currency Bot Nanobot

    Nanobot is the newest trading software for crypto currencies.... Trading software licenses for bittrex exchange and allcoin exchange. So far its the lowest price for a trading software. Some people are selling bots want close to 1 btc with no proven results. So far this bot is the coolest...
  18. Commoner

    Coin Mining Workers Fall In !!!

    Hello Everyone, How are you guys doing? Finally, crypto-currencies are in for the ride! Any coin miner down here and care to share the platform being used as well. Note: MT Gox Bitcoin has been longed gone - There goes my coins! :X Currently, I am identifying a good hardware provider to...
  19. H3CBL

    What is the future of Dogecoin?

    Lately I have been interested much for dogecoin but I find it difficult to know what will be the future of this coin. what you guys think? will rise to at least one dollar this year? let me know they think to the respect :D
  20. C

    UK Jewelry & Antiques DropShipper

    Looking for a Uk Jewelry, Antiques, Coins, Stamps or Rare items DropShipper that accept Paypal. Can be outside of the UK as well but ships to the UK. and it doesn't have to be the same dropshipper, it can be separate for each kind of items. any suggestions? .......
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