1. TrinityS

    Coinbase help

    Hi everyone Coinbase users can help me. Please answer my query. Sorry I have least knowledge about crypto. 1. Can we send crypto like LTC to other non-Coinbase wallet? 2. Can we send crypto to non-coinbase wallet? Where as on sending LTC is not available.
  2. JohnDontheman

    Need help with usa coinbase

    i am trying to link a paypal to my usa coinbase but i am getting this error... This PayPal account cannot be linked to Coinbase. Please use a different PayPal account. can anyone help me solve this issue? ill pay for it
  3. B

    Best $0.1 to $2 coins on Coinbase

  4. Stewielenor

    [FREE] SKL quiz available on coinbase $3

    Questions and answers 1. Who can deploy a blockchain with SKALE? Any Ethereum application 2. How can SKL holders receive rewards? Delegate SKL to a validator 3. The SKALE network is built to support An internet of blockchains
  5. SocialManager

    BitMart: Cryptocurrency trading platform affiliate program (Two-tier affiliate program, 1 year earnings)

    Hi everyone! If you are interested in a new affiliate program in the cryptocurrency niche, I would recommend checking out BitMart. I have just joined the program myself, but my experience so far has been good. Referral Sign-Up Link Non-Affiliate Link They have 2 main programs that pay...
  6. shiboshy

    Coinbase is Fraud! Scammers took $200 converson fee to convert $230!!!!!

    These guys are fraud I kept coming back to them since it's easy to purchase + I have my accounts tied there... So I tried to convert $230 from one crypto to another or do a swap, which normally is up to $50 on all platforms. You won't believe but they ATE $200 leaving me only $30 in the crypto...
  7. daica85

    Banned your account? Buy a PayPal, Payoneer ,Chime ....

    Content not in line with BHW rules.
  8. Stewielenor

    Coinbase quiz answers (FREE CRYPTO) $35+ CELO Answers By making crypto accessible on mobile phones Staking, governance Using the Valora mobile app NuCypher Answers Q1: What does NuCypher provide to users and apps? A1: End-to-end encryption Q2: What does NuCypher use to protect your data A2...
  9. LILSF75


    I'm looking for a means of payment of bitcoin on my shopify store. Do you know a good mean ? I would need a programmer to change the platfrom so the client doesnt know he buys bitcoin (because most of the client will be afraid) they pay in credit card but in reality they buy bitcoins via thi...
  10. smmfactoryy

    Bitocoin transaction stuck

    One of my payment is stuck from 5 days anyone know how many time max they can take to confirm my payment or will it back to sender. Thanks in advance
  11. QuanticIT

    Coinbase Commerce Network Fee Way Hight

    I have balance in my coinbase commerce. When I try to withdraw it show a huge network fee. see the image? How on earth they charge this kind of fees? It should be like 3/5 USD max. What Can I do now?
  12. LILSF75


    Hi everyone, i wanted to know how can i have a anonymous account ( im not in newbie i know its quite impossible) but at least a pleateform a bit less stric than coinbase with personnal information. Nowadays everybody is collecting informations and you guess some people doesn't want it. Like me...
  13. Cashtag

    Stealth Accounts Solutions

    Stealth Accounts Solutions (PayPal,Cashapp,Coinbase & More) Are you looking to expand your online businesses and accept more payments methods? Maybe you're just trying to stealth and keep it on the low? Well, I'm here to provide you with some HQ accounts! Features ~ Send/Receive Money ~ ~...
  14. rauza

    [Buy/Sell/Trade BTC Anonymously] Easy to Understand Guide on Anonymizing Bitcoin

    I'm going to quickly skip over introduction, requirements, and all that and try to just get straight to the point. I won't dive in to the technical to avoid a long guide. If you're interested in learning the nitty gritty, you can Google some of the concepts explained here but if you're somebody...
  15. NProductions

    Coinbase BUG ? or or is this a Bitcoin CRACK ?

    Hello Experts. what's this? i see 0.90$ payment in coinbase acc & but 90$ in Dashboard . but a log of 90$ in my SYSTEM.
  16. blue_knight

    Google Pay adds support for Coinbase's Bitcoin card

    Coinbase's Visa debit card, the 'Coinbase Card' can now be used with Google Pay. Customers have a virtual card, which they can add to Google Pay. The new service is available to users in 14 European countries, with more on the way. You can read the full article here. This is, in my opinion...
  17. F

    Coinbase earn FREE XLM and EOS coins

    Hi, Does anyone know if coinbase if still giving away free XLM and EOS coins since i been sitting on the waiting list for over 2 months now and haven't heard anything back nor accepted. Thanks
  18. 247VCC

    Coinbase Holds a Whopping 966,230 Bitcoin ($7B) in Cold Wallet

    According to recent reports, Coinbase has a whopping 966,230 Bitcoin in its cold wallet. The exchange is increasingly becoming like a ‘bank’ which stores a growing number of deposited cryptocurrency assets. How much cryptocurrency does each exchange hold in its cold wallet? With Coinbase...
  19. 247VCC

    Bitcoin Price May Hit $5.5K in 2020

    Bitcoin (Btc)could spend months trading at $5,500 before it recovers, one of the best-known analysts in the industry has warned. In a tweet on Nov. 21, Peter Brandt revealed his target for Bitcoin price was a floor of $5,500. Negative pressure had engulfed markets on the day, sending BTC/USD...
  20. sam005

    CoinBase account recovery !

    Hello, I lost my phone number that is connected with coinbase account, what should i do now ? Did it happened to you ?