1. D

    Anyone tried exoclick traffic with male enlargement COD offers? Is it profitable?

    Anyone tried exoclick traffic with male enlargement COD offers? Is it profitable
  2. H

    UK Fulfilment center COD Dropshipping

    Hello ive been trying to find some fulfilment center in the UK that provides Cash on delivery but I couldnt find any, i contacted a dozen of companies i found on google and youtube but non of them do the last mile shipping to provide Cash on delivery service. if anyone tried Cash on delivery in...
  3. wizzardz01

    COD Affiliate networks with API integration?

    Hi guys, I'm only working with affiliate networks that has API integration, because I'm making custom landing pages, with form to order, don't like to use iframe or affiliate links because I am doing mainstream traffic sources like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. How much of you are doing the...
  4. R

    My journey with CPA Marketing

    I started this thread to put some pressure on me to keep working as this lockdown has made me lazier than I'm already, I'm from morocco 25 years old, so my first steps with cpa was with sweepstakes following colin dijs so I ran some offers on UK and NZ on facebook following his method so I spent...
  5. B

    What Programming Languages should I learn in 2019

    I know HTML to a basic/average level all ready but I did this 1 year ago and now have a urge to learn programming again. I want something that will allow me to make the most money possible. Programming Languages to create my own softwares. Maybe create bots etc. idk. What language or...
  6. Idvert

    FB spy tool – The Ultimate Solution for FB (Discounts Included!)

    FB spy tool – The Ultimate Solution for FB (Discounts Included!) ●Need new angles for creatives and lading pages? ●Look for profitable black hat campaigns and related networks? ●Want to keep an eye on your competitors and learn from their marketing strategy? ●Have no idea for selecting niche...
  7. LeadReaktor

    LeadReaktor - Global CPA Network | Direct advertiser | Nutra+ COD | Tier-1/2 | Native call-centers

    LeadReaktor not just a CPA network, it is direct advertiser working in Europe, Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries with its own products and European call-centers with native speakers for all covered geo's. Primary markets include Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland...
  8. B

    How do I make a website with 2 rows of images going down (images included)

    This is a website that I I found when I was watching a movie online and I didn’t close the Popup ad . I want to have images of porn on these columns and when someone clicks on the image it’ll activate a pop under ad. I would like to know if anyone knows what website builder (if any) (maybe it’s...
  9. TerraLeads

    TerraLeads | Exclusive offers | Top Payouts | Cash-on-Delivery

  10. C

    How put banners in wp robot press release default ?

    Hi all, Itry to put banner in the press release cod but look like hard. Here is the cod {pressrelease} [random:50][select:More <a href="{catlink}">{Keyword} Press Releases</a>|Related <a href="{catlink}">{Keyword} Press Releases</a>|Find More <a href="{catlink}">{Keyword} Press...
  11. captchadreams

    xbox friends: call of duty mw3

    I know there's been threads like this before, and hopefully you all won't get too mad at me.. but I wanted to create a new thread. anyways.. I ended up switching from PS3 to Xbox so I could play with my brothers. We all live in different states and honestly we talk on xbox more then on the...
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