1. J

    Being Drunk & on the Internet - What could Happen?

    So I Drink and buy stuff online, then wake up next day to find out what I Did. This Time I Bought a Travel Affiliate Website LOL thru iPage. DAMMMMMM I must have been Super High as Well. No Clue why I chose a Travel Booking Aff Site but I believe I can do this out 150.00 so Far and as a Clueless...
  2. trendkill84

    Mid life crisis here I need help lol

    I don't wanna waste anyone's time here with my life story but long story short I have been a Chef for 15 years now until I recently got hurt. I find myself stuck at home now with no real way or other skill to support my wife and kids. I have spent countless hours chasing that make money online...
  3. D

    Instagram Clueless Need Help

    1st off I'm new to Black Hat & I know I will probably get dragged through the fire, but I really need help with Social Media, but I'm starting with Instagram! My current IG account has over 10K followers (Music Niche) some of which were purchased, but I don't get nearly the amount of likes...
  4. V

    Selling my software

    I wrote a bunch of small scripts being quite useful each but not having the bigness of shareaza or some game like FEAR. It is mostly usability improvement software under Windows. I want to sell them white hat or black hat - whatever works. There must be some exploitation of clueless people...
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