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  1. S

    Social Casino Certification

    Hello, Does anyone know how long does it usually takes to get appeoved for social casino certificate in google ads? I applied two weeks ago and i haven’t received any emails. Thanks!
  2. Z

    Newbie here

    Hey guys, I could have posted my profile here using ChatGPT but keeping it in it's original form. Plenty of experience - setting up tech infrastructures for affiliates with cloaking (JCI) running off google ads - automated SEO friendly articles using openAI, self serve - scraping - automated...
  3. javedkhan2

    Is your Google Ads Suspended for Suspicious Payment?

    If you have got this suspension message, it means your Account has been suspended for one of the following reasons: You had a previously Banned Account. You are using black-listed keywords such as Tobacco, Cigarrettes, Casino, Porn. Un-allowed redirects and cloaking, you show something...
  4. G

    Track Google Ads Generated Conversions From A Cloacked Website

    Hello, I want to know if someone is using a technique to track convertions of google ads from a cloacked website. I am using Trafficshield to cloack my website and I don't know if there is any option. I tried a lot of automation tools, and tried also the manual upload, but I can't know if the...
  5. W

    Looking for expert in cloaked Target ads (FB / Inst / Google Ads) to promote TG crypto channel

    Hi, Looking for an expert in running campaign for crypto niche using Meta (FB/Inst) / Google aged accounts provided by you. We will provide budget in crypto and will scale it when build trust and achieve results. Channel is white, no scam, no ICO, established, with good history and reputation...
  6. thetrash

    What kind of cloaking do you use for Google Ads? Been runnning cloaked ads on Facebook for now.

    I have been running few ads for my affiliate links and the redirect links work well on facebook ad campaigns. Now, to get better results I am planning to run some Google ads too. I use cloaking house for now. They have three kind of cloaking options: 1- Load Content 2- Redirect & 3 - iframe...
  7. F

    Hiring cloaking experts to run ads

    Hello we are looking to run multiple campaigns For google ads and Facebook for gray market We pay very good for the account setup Payment crypto
  8. M

    Google Ads - Your account violated the Circumventing systems policy.

    Hello guys, I really need help on this GA suspension - We are advertising IPTV for almost 1 year now, and everything was fine we used to reactivate accounts from suspicious payments, we usually work with threshold accounts, also accounts we pay to play. This week had a big surprise all our...
  9. V

    Hiring For Tracking template setup and brand traffic hijacker.

    We are looking for an experienced well knowledgeable person, who is ready to work with us and Earn Daily income or take their fees as per their choice, What we need is your talent, We run multiple Ads on google or other network and get traffic but need a person who can manage the tracking...
  10. yueshuyayingjun

    Google Ads Cloaking

    I'm looking for a good safe page for my Casino (money page) on Google Ads. The cloaking setup is good because I'm not getting suspended with Circumventing Policy. I'm only getting suspended for Unacceptable Business Practices which means I'm getting suspended for my Safe page. I'm looking for...
  11. H

    I need a Google Ads & Cloacking Specialist

    Hello everyone. I have an online store that keeps getting banned on Google Ads, so I'm looking for an expert in cloacking & Google Ads. I need someone who can - Create the white page content - Set up the cloaking (I provide the JCI account) - Manage the campaign for me - Put my ad in top...
  12. lancelotz

    Need Help Guessing What Cloaker is This

    im guessing a cloaker competitor using.. can someone help guess what cloaker is this ? because i see the url on google is homepage but everytime click it redirect to other
  13. S

    Hey , I need to learn if Google ads still support cloaking for search ads

    Hey guys by any chance can anyone let me know How this takes place If you open up this link , which i will highly appreciate in this link its a google search ad for youtube , everything looks normal here nothing suspicious but when...
  14. O

    I need someone who is an expert in justcloakit to help me set it up

    I need someone who is an expert in justcloakit to help me set it up . I have the domain of the secure site created in wordpress. I just need to implement the code in the .
  15. S

    Running stable Google Ads for a black hat niche (replica sneakers)

    Hi all! First of all I'd like to thank everyone on this forum. I've learned a lot from simply being a lurker for quite some time. For example, last year I set up my financial structure and companies based on a lot of the little gems of knowledge I found buried in threads here. Now, however, I...
  16. W

    Need Google ads cloaking expert

    Please DM.
  17. H

    Running cloaking campaign with black page keywords, headline on Google

    Is it ok to run cloaking campaigns on Google with keywords, headline & description related to Black Page or restricted niche? Will it run longer too? If not then what is the solution for this since if I don't put keyword headline description relevant to black page I won't get users to click.
  18. chandrasatria99

    Im Looking for Google Ads Cloaking Expert Private Teacher (Paid Service)

    Hello BHW, Im newbie here, im just looking for Google Ads Cloaker Expert Private Teacher. I will pay the guiding service. Im really need expert cloaking teacher for google ads and need guide to build my dedicated server for my many google ads campaign. Best Regars MTR138
  19. M

    How to promote something which google ads doesn't qualify as per its ad policies ?

    Hi, I have been getting few clients from fitness industry and they wish me to promote their videos using google ads . Unfortunately google initially disapproved all my ads and now has suspended the campaign. I have to create multiple campaigns. And basically i also want to know is there any...
  20. D

    I need someone who can teach me Cloaking Google Ads

    Hi, I need someone who can teach me Cloaking Google Ads and FB Ads for Gambling services in Indonesia. There will be fee, please hit me up via email [email protected] Thank you
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