1. Moorish11

    Google ads cloaker

    Hi, i want to make my owne cloaker for google ads. Any one can help and show me the steps? Thanks BHW comunity.
  2. C

    Binomo Cloaker Error 400 (Bad Request)

    I'm having trouble setting up the Binomo Cloaker. I created my 2 landing pages (black and white) with elementor (wordpress). Then downloaded my 2 landing pages on HTML on So I put the folders I just downloaded in my public_html in the file manager from my website. It...
  3. Barnett Eldred

    Worst experience with cloakerly

    I just ran an Adword campaign on Cloakerly, and I am very disappointed with the results. The moment I run their Php Code on my site, it got blocked right away. I tried to contact their support but there was no Reply. Really Disappointed, they provide trial first and then rip you off later. Stay...
  4. small_town_boy

    How do you cloak FB ads for weight loss/fitness niche?

    What cloakers to use in 2019 to cloak Facebook ads? And where to buy new Facebook ads accounts?
  5. S

    Looking for experienced Adwords Cloaker

    Hi, I am looking for experienced adwords cloaker familiar with JCI.


    Support: If you have any questions please contact us via our chat widget on our website Method of Payment: Currently we accept BTC and paypal payments. We are working to accept more payment methods in the future. Refunds: All sales are final. No refunds will be issued
  7. Yash Chaudhary

    BHW members please share how you get your landing page!

    Hi BHW members, As the thread title clearly says please share and help your fellow members at bhw about landing pages!! My landing page is again and again getting me policy errors that say Unidentified Business, and Misrepresentation. I tried copying the landing page that I found on Adbeat ...
  8. G

    i want to know the best cloaker to run pop ads in facebook ads i am new please suggest me !

    i want to know the best cloaker to run pop ads in facebook ads i am new please suggest me !
  9. Peter Wilson

    I Am Looking For Private Cloaker

    Hey there, Is there someone with a private Cloaker? I am looking to subscribe to one. Please PM me if someone has a Private Cloaker and Willing to add me as a subscriber. Thank You
  10. Harnur

    Which is the best Cloaker for Google Adwords?

    Where can i buy cloaker online? Where do i get BlackJack's cloaker?
  11. J

    Looking For A Professional Cloaker

    Hey Guys, I have got a big trouble in my business. My entire business rely on cloaking. I am good at adwords and bing but can't really stop adwords to stop my campaign. I get a ban twice a week. So, I am giving up on my cloaker and looking for a new one because I know that people out there are...
  12. G

    Can cloaking be used for Google Shopping Campaigns?

    We have an Ecommerce site which we want to run with Google Shopping campaigns on, previously known as PLA or product listing ads. We've tried creating new Google merchant accounts as well as Adwords accounts many many times only to Get disapproved few month later or have only a portion of our...
  13. H

    Want to about cpm (popup or popunder) ad cloaker.

    I want to about cpm (popup or popunder) ad cloaker. can anyone help me out ?
  14. S

    == WPCLOAKER [Adwords] == 2015

    After reading a lot of things about cloakers, I deduced that wpcloaker is a good tool for Adwords. But I need to know if it is still relevant and worth to buy It today. I ask this because the site looks old, and I don't want to buy an outdated cloaker. Or if someone can sugest a good...
  15. A

    Need a Cloaker.. asap.

    Hello. I'm looking for a solution to what i'm trying to achieve. I'm willing to pay for services but would also be interested in a joint venture if the right person follows this up. I'll give a brief description of what i want to stop this being spam but would rather talk details on Skype on...
  16. karibo

    * 230 url shorteners *

    Since I readed some threads about what URL shortener they should use. Here is a list. Try them one by one to find the one thats matching your needs :D succes! Some are "*" by BHW. Means you better don't use them :rolleyes: ************************ ************
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