cloaker suggestion

  1. here2host for Printer Campaigns?

    Hello All, i wish to run my own Tech Support Printer campaigns on Google ads, and have a low budget (not that much low), i have prepared everything other than cloacking, 2 domains, one with a normal ecommerce printer store, and the other one with a Printer Support website, i was wondering can...
  2. sanoj123

    Cloaker for GCC region

    Hey all! How's it going? I need a decent cloaker for the GCC region for bing and google ads. Let me know if you have any recommendations, send me over your affiliate urls for the sign up if you want :D
  3. Z

    How to make cloaking more safer so that no crawler or anyone can see it?

    i want know if there is any trick to cloak website links more safely so that i would not get caught.
  4. I

    Hi guys, I'm new, how can I see if a website is using a cloaker?

    I would like to understand who is using a cloaker, so as to get an idea of what works and what doesn't
  5. C

    Binomo Cloaker Error 400 (Bad Request)

    I'm having trouble setting up the Binomo Cloaker. I created my 2 landing pages (black and white) with elementor (wordpress). Then downloaded my 2 landing pages on HTML on So I put the folders I just downloaded in my public_html in the file manager from my website. It...
  6. seo_alexa002

    Which is best Cloaker to Run Ads for Gambling and Crypto Ads on Google and Facebook??

    Which is best Cloaker to Run Ads for Gambling and Crypto Ads on Google and Facebook??
  7. avc975

    Best Cloaker for Google Ads ?

    Can anyone suggest the best Cloaker for Google Ads. I have been using JCI for a long time and it has been successful so far. But there are doubts. I would appreciate a response from anyone using JCI Cloaker who could tell me if its okay to use the cloaker on the landing page, I usually donot...
  8. armedya

    ✅ CAN'T ADVERTISE BECAUSE OF POLICIES ? ✅ OPEN SOURCE CLOAKER ✅ Unlimited Domains ✅ Unlimited Clicks ✅ Lifetime Free

  9. A

    Can Someone show me guide for cloaking and AdWords?

    I want to know if there is anyone well versed in AdWords and cloaking, I know of a couple good cloaking services but if you could recommend me some too that would be good....
  10. C

    Cloaker for max bounty

    Can anybody recommend any cloaker which is working with max bounty without any blockage except JCI:anyway:
  11. O

    Hello everyone.

    I am omi vichare. I am trying to run a small scale bpo in india. I am providing web development and digital marketing services. I am looking for help to with new demands pf my client related to internet marketing and cloaking.
  12. T

    Need Suggestion

    m using leadcloak from last month but sometime their campaigns are going to blocked. i need to run campaign with Amazone. suggest me any reliable cloaker for to run campaign safe with amazone. Thanks
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