clickbank + bing

  1. Outc@st

    Best Way To Test New Offers...

    Thanks for taking the time to read my thread... I found a Clickbank offer that I would like to promote with PPC. Now what is the best way to start... Should I direct link? Or should I create a simple review/informational page that links to the offer. I'm assuming I will get more conversions if...
  2. Racleone

    Product promote

    Where I can promote the clickbank products?. Please give me a traffic. Please help me
  3. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ Clickbank Pre-Lander SEO – No Rank, No Pay (Looking for Beta Testers)

    PLEASE NOTE: This system exploits a loophole in the Bing Ranking Algorithm to rank your Clickbank Pre-Lander on Page 1. Do you want to test this system for FREE to gain a hugely unfair SEO advantage to quickly rank your Clickbank Pre-Lander on Page #1 in the Bing SERPS? I know that is a bold...
  4. Chilarai

    Why I Stopped Brand Bidding on Bing Ads

    Hello Everyone , I am new here. This is my first post . I've been brand bidding on Bing Ads since the last 6 months. But Last Week , I Stopped all my campaigns Here , I will share my experience : As Google Ads is suspending more and more ad accounts , people have started moving towards Bing...
  5. MehtaM

    [Clickbank+Bing ads] Ad spent $300 and 0 sales

    Hi, I've tried promoting 3 Clickbank products on Bing ads. I used direct links in my campaigns so I didn't use any custom landinage page. The thing is that none of my ads have tasted success. I've got 100+ hops on each of those all 3 products but 0 sale as of now. All 3 products have...
  6. S

    Ad-blocker and Affliate Marketing

    Hello, i'm new in Affliate Marketing and i start to get some selles, however i saw that the most of VSL and TSL (page of product) they use scripts in their Price/Product image, if we jave a client who use Ad-blocker and he click on our link he will see a page without any...
  7. MehtaM

    Bing ads+Clickbank : Mismatched data and120 hops with no sale.

    I'm promoting a Clickbank product with good gravity. I'm using the direct link. Bing shows me 91 clicks. Clickbank shows 127 hops. Total sale - 0 :( Why mimatch in data? Why no sale? I'm using exact match keywords. And the landing page of the product is fantastic.
  8. SeedPhrase

    CB Sales Mobile/Mail Notification

    Is there any way I can connect my phone number or email with the Clickbank to get sales notifications to the phone as an affiliate? That would motivate me so much :anyway::anyway:
  9. SeedPhrase

    CB weird sales [hope-0, sale-1]

    this is 3rd time with me, hope- 0 all order form impression -4 sale - 1 have anyone faced similar?
  10. SeedPhrase

    Want to Promote a CB product, but here is the problem !!

    I want to promote a product that converts very well for me...I was promoting that for through google Ads, but the Vendor doesn't let me promote using Google Ads. How can I promote that so the vendor won't be able to see my traffic source and Ads?? Any cloaking tricks that I can use or any...
  11. Mkstan

    Hey Am Mkstan

    I decided to join the forum after reading some inspiring Trends that helped boost my skill.. Am a web designer front-end. Am into CPA Marketing too, I made $130 some months Ago as my first ever online money with Clickbank using Bing Ads. I was very happy and Greatfull to God for the...
  12. SeedPhrase

    ✅Non-Sexy Clickbank [Journey to $25K by 12:00 A.M 15/12/2020]

    This is going to be My First Journey in BHW. (A quick Write Not to put you bore to death) Journey Summary: Clickbank Product Promotion + Google Adwords Target: 500 sales Average Commission: $50 Revenue: $25,000 Deadline: 12:00 A.M, 15th Dec-2020 ( 108 days left ) Financial Projection...
  13. SeedPhrase

    Clickbank + Solo ads?

    Hi guys... did anyone try CB+solo ads? if yes how was the result (conversion rate%)? did you link directly to the product page or your own landing page?? there is a website Udimi it has good review...many YouTubers recommends that.. am thinking of giving a Try... feel free to share your...
  14. WapkaTips

    Watch Me Becoming #1 ClickBank Platinum Affiliate in 1 Year!

    Hello! And welcome to my new journey. Journey In my last journey I got fucked by Adsense very hard. I was trying to make it work from last 6 months but every 15-20 days I'm getting ad limit again n again. So I decided to move on... I have decided to go with ClickBank this time. As I'm going...
  15. M

    How to Update Payment Information on CLICKBANK

    I have tried to manually write down the Payment Information - Sub Section > Direct Deposit Information. But After that I clicked the Save changes button. Then this message showed: " Non English Characters detected in your submission, please Check your input and submit again ". I created the...
  16. RealDaddy

    Any Clickbank Merchant on BHW?

    Hello BHW, I am thinking about launching a product on Clickbank. But don't know where to start. Can you just share some useful tips for a newbie merchant like me. Thanks.

    Should I go for high or low gravity products?

    Hello everybody, So I am very stuck in which ClickBank product I should go for I have talked with some experts in this and some of them say I should go for low gravity products because they have less competition, others told me that I should go for high gravity products because they seel well...
  18. W

    [BIG CASH] Make Money with PPC and Clickbank - Tutorial

    Hey Friends, A few of you have been following me from my journey thread and I announced there that I would be coming up with a short tutorial on how to begin making money with PPC and Clickbank. Now as you all know and the name suggests, PPC is all about investment. To make money, you have to...
  19. haklofdfvfg

    Comprehensive Guide to Profit from Clickbank 2018 Version 2

    Hello, my friends After the release of version 1 for subject Clickbank I was very impressed and had nice comments from all thank you all and this version 2 to complete the guide definitively If you do not read Version 1, I recommend that you read it before you read this version 2 so you can...
  20. haklofdfvfg

    Comprehensive Guide to Profit from Clickbank 2018 Version 1

    good morning my friends, After you introduced myself yesterday, this is the first post I consider good, so read it well and focused with it and I will enclose version 2 to complement them so Let us start, Six years ago, It was not Shopify and the drop shipping were not as popular as our current...