click bait

  1. TrapmanX

    Hello Everybody

    Glad to have found this site! I’m a newbie (on this site) but trust me I’m a creative head looking for an easy way to make money working from home. Please I need ideas on how I can make money doing certain things from home e.g porn reuploads, YouTube reuploads and more... I’m also open to offers...
  2. Lord Hec

    YouTube is all about Click Bait

    I've recently made a video that I and many others thought was very high quality but the fact that the Title wasn't interesting to others, the video itself did poorly in contrast to other Click baity titles I've had in the past. So I did an experiment where I Did a part 2 of a successful video...
  3. Dipankar Raha

    What is the best traffic source for ClickBank?

    Hello Expert, Could you please suggest me what is the best traffic source for ClickBank? Thanks in advance :):):)
  4. prashank

    Need some Help For finding a unbeatable solution of Medic update by Google, you should help.

    My website is Ranking for the Keyword 'Best ENT Specialist in Vasundhara' on 17th Number of It was ranking on the first page before 'Medic update' But not now. How can you help me? You just need to Search this query on Google 'Best ENT Specialist in Vasundhara' and then look for...
  5. siddhant2611

    How to get 1000 clicks on a link?

    Bonjour, I want to know how can I get 1000 clicks on this link are there any tricks or website which provide these kind of services.
  6. johnny4k

    very interesting type of promoting CPA offer

    Hey Everyone first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 Yesterday very strange thing happened I received mail from YOUTUBE, stating that you became moderator for unknown channel( I have 2-3 channels) and won iphone 7 and iphone 8 plus , FIrst, i thought it is just marketing tactic from a smart guy, so...
  7. ContentWriter

    How Helpful is a Click Bait Title?

    Hi, everyone! I have been using "click-baity" titles and they have somehow helped me create traffic for my website. I would like to know if there was ever an instance when your post was rejected by Facebook because of being to "click-baity." Your thoughts are highly appreciated. Phoebe