1. T

    How can i make money with 0 investment

    hey folks, i'm new here and i want to know how can i make money with affiliate marketing without money. ( The best methods)
  2. S

    is scam clickbank ?

  3. Corn4Flakes

    5 Order Form results but no Sales? (clickbank)

    Hey, so I started now to focus extremely on the Facebook ads campaign for my Clickbank affiliate offer. I put directly in my ad the affiliate Link, so I ain't doing it with a landingpage. And there are still some results, but since I didn't really work with Clickbank in the past, some...
  4. S

    i want imonitize account approve

    i am try many time to get imonitize account get approve. but i do not get approve. i submit my recent working document from lospollos network. anyone can help me to get approve imonitize account. if anyone can reffer.
  5. Terle


    I bought a dead Instagram page in health & fitness niche with 9000 followers. The last post was uploaded in early 2020. However the page still gets 200+ profile visits in a month. 1) How do I revive my Instagram page? 2) I want to product Clickbank products on Instagram. Do I promote multiple...
  6. SeedPhrase

    Can i add a bank account in multiple Clickbank accounts??

    title says all :) Can I add a single bank account in multiple Clickbank accounts(Payoneer account)?? is there any problem?
  7. S

    Right way to invest 350$ of google ads ??

    Hi im new here Can someone say the best way to get some money from the 350$ of google ads with clickbank or cpabuild
  8. ber_92

    Monetize high-converting website with affiliate links

    Hello .. Here is my new website. I'm looking to make it a super high-converting website to generate sales from my affiliate links that i have in the articles. I'm struggling as to how to monetize my website and bring targeted traffic that would buy affiliate products i have. I'm looking for...
  9. M

    CPA Help Needed Pls!

    Hello, everyone, I'm posting this thread as I'm a beginner in the affiliate marketing business and I want so help if possible I have a huge list of valid emails in different niches and I have a bulk mail sending software let's say that everything's set except for one thing the form of the...
  10. mayadd

    Clickbank Account Creation

    Hello my friends. I am from Syria and I am trying to sign up for this affiliate program, but I can't. Every time I get my account disabled just after I create my account.
  11. K

    Buying ClickBank product Get paid back instantly plus $15 to your paypal

    There is a ClickBank product that I need to purchase. For some reason, specific countries Clickbank doesn't accept payment even thru Paypal. The product costs $27. I will pay back immediately $27 plus another $15 for the service, making $42 back to his PayPal account. These are the steps to...
  12. V

    Best Traffic Source

    which is the best traffic source for clickbank? Google Ads (youtube ads) or Bing Ads?
  13. Ilias

    Is there a problem with clickbank chekout page?

    Hi guys, I just noticed the checkout page keep refreshing with no reason, have you noticed that or is it only me?
  14. iamhunk

    ClickBank Allowed Accounts Only Europe country?

    Hello, i m working with ClickBank since 2015, still my account is ok, i saw many thread on this forum accounts are banned also not approved news accounts. Please let me know who are working with ClickBank and where are you from. Thanks
  15. A

    Not getting accepted into Clickbank even my country is supported - Any REAL alternatives?

    So basically I wanted to sign up to Clickbank (without using a VPN and with valid banking info) but I got the message: "Thank you for your interest in ClickBank! Unfortunately, we cannot offer you an account at this time. Click here for more information." I contacted their support and this...
  16. wikimaldives

    Clickbank works?

    I heard that now clickbank doesn't work better. Have anyone experienced this?
  17. Blackxton

    Hello world

    hello generous people, I’m a 23 years old who absolutely love internet and computer but i’m More on the technique stuffs! I’m new on the forum,Would love to start a affiliate marketing project with clickbank! Any advise on ways to get traffic or if you have any experience with clickbank,do you...
  18. M

    Anyone familiar with peerclick

    hello guys I'm working on CPA products for companies like maxbounty peerfly and clickbank and i made some fb ads and pop ads and google ads and returned with zero profits so please if anyone got an idea or a method please help a brother out i paid like 20 $ for just a signup single tab and...
  19. M

    Inquire about cbproads

    Hello I have a pro account at cbproads site and couldn't take advantage of it now so can I ask for refund and delete membership if this site is how not to sell this account
  20. mystralious

    [GET] Unlimited Free Stealth Hosting with Fast WW Speed

    Just sign up on use it as a blog/landing page. It's free forever (until 50 sales but you are not using it for ecom). Hide the catalog and product pages and put a few products up there to avoid suspicion and manual review. Best of all you can use your own domain...
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