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  1. Aureus

    ✅✅✅ Z-Pages - Easy Сreation of Updatable Classifieds Websites! Only Real Ads! Get Links and Traffic, Create an Indexing Service or Sell Links! ✈️✈️✈️

    Z-Pages is a template for Zenno Poster and Zenno Box designed to create classifieds websites on your domains or subdomains. Classifieds are fully updated, any subject and size. How does template work? The template downloads content from Then it processes the ads content: images...
  2. MattShadows

    Classified Ads Website

    Hi BHW people, I'm planning to run a classified ads website like craigslist(dot)com Any advice, idea of tips where to start? Please don't troll. any answers are appreciated,
  3. P

    Geodesic or Flynax?

    What would you choose for a classified ads site, and why? :) I am between Geodesic and Flynax.
  4. B

    monetizing classified ads website

    Hey guys! I had this classified ads for college students in mind but im still on the fence if Im gonna pursue this project. I read a couple of forums that Google Adsense doesnt generally approve classified ad websites, is that true? Are there other high earning ads aside from Adsense? I am...
  5. B

    Classified ads hosting

    Hi guys! Im planning to make a niche classified ads website for college students. What is the best host for this type of website? I'm planning on purchasing the cheapest wordpress classipress theme and a bluehost plan since I'm low on budget and i think that i wont get that much traffic on the...
  6. B

    Classified ads website question

    Hi guys! I'm planning to make a nice classified ads website for college students. I know it's gonna be hard getting people to post since it's new, my question is, will it hurt SEO if I scrape some content and ads from other classified ad websites. And I'm planning to send tons of emails for...
  7. sheldon911

    Classified Ads Poster

    Looking to hire some one to post on popular classified ads page in different cities. Not sure if i can mention name of the website here as some sites do not allow it. Would like to do a short run of 15-20 post's to see results . If results are good then will do weekly. Advertisement post...
  8. F

    Launching FREE Classified Advertisement Website for Products and Services

    A Warm Hello to All BlackHat World Members, I'm launching my own classified ads website for free, you can submit your website anytime and I will approve it in a snap. Watch out for this thread for the submission of your URL. I'll post it soon. Best Regards, FGeekRepublic
  9. R

    Classified ads website

    Hello. I have just made a classified ads website for scripts, apps, websites and internet related market. What are some good ways to get started? How to get the first ads posted? The site is ScripTrades and I've just started building it. Thank you
  10. S

    Need Ubot Bot Created To Post To Backpage ASAP. Also, Classifiedads and ebayclassifieds!

    Need Ubot Bot Created To Post To Backpage ASAP. Also, Classifiedads and ebayclassifieds! PM me or call me and tell me your timeframe, and price for each of the 3 bots I need. Bots will use ubots 3 built in captcha bypass services Bots will create gmail accounts (tell me cost for this added...
  11. D

    What is your Pain relating to ad posting at classifieds systems?

    Hi, What is your pain associated with posting your products at classified ads systems like gumtree, craigslist, kijiji and others? ... when you do ad posting white hat way :) If you experience some problems with the above mentioned process, please describe it here. I am starting this...
  12. P

    Help! What comes first the chicken or the egg?

    I have a brand new classifieds site. I thought it would be great to advertise because it has so many options for linking but the problem is that I am already receiving hits but no one is posting. I am assuming it is because there are not any links on there already? So someone please tell me how...
  13. D

    Promote your SEO services free of charge + free banner

    Hey guys (and girls) I have created a separate category "SEO Services" at Outlived Classifieds Feel free to promote all your services. Main subcategories are: Article Writting and Submission Backlinks Blog Commenting Directory Submission EMail Marketing...
  14. K

    Classified Ad Poster Required for Long Term

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can Post Ads at Classified Sites. Below are the Conditions. Affiliate Site you are going to post must not be .org, .net, .eu, .tk or OLX site. Affiliate Site you are going to post must not be a SUB-DOMAIN. Affiliate Site you are going to post must show the...
  15. T

    Craigslist poster

    We're looking for someone who can post ads in the JOBS section in free USA cities. We are looking to hire staff for our remote company. You will be providing PVAs. We've had trouble getting our ads displayed, most of them get ghosted. We don't mess around and we pay good money, so if you're...
  16. mystery

    URGENT: Experienced BackPage Poster Required!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an EXPERIENCED backpage poster. By experienced, I mean I need someone who KNOWS what he or she is doing. Knows how to make posts stick for the longest period and how to manipulate the backpage system if necessary. I'm looking for high volume. Around...
  17. C

    Will my Idea work?

    Hi guys, I'm new here and really looking to spend some quality time with this tremendous forum. Will my Idea work? okay,so, I'v posted a classified add In a local newspaper. The Ad Is going to be up In a couple of days. The news-paper has a tremendous following and It took me 20$ to get a...
  18. marco2379

    Money from classified ads adsense revenue sharing + CPA submits

    This is how I mix my CPA email submit offers, with legit ads, and adsense revenue sharing. I came across (someone there suckered me into a phony email submit, :D) well, its like craigslist minus all the too-much-time-on-their-hands flaggers who love to sabotage our ad campaigns...
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