class c ip

  1. I

    Anyone what to share Dedicated SEO hosting with 500+ Different Class-C ips?

    I am looking for a few that want to share dedicated SEO hosting. It has to be for micro blog sites that don?t use much bandwidth or space. At the moment I got 2000 micro blog domains and I want to expand my network. So I am going to buy a dedicated server at seohosting or or...
  2. P

    Your own class C's against private proxy list?

    Which one is better as if I want a class C ip it will cost me 1$ a month on my provider so 10 private ip addresses would cost 10$ per month. Which is the best way forward, in your opinion?
  3. giveitlegs

    Hmm. Need 30 Class IPs to host WordPress...

    Need 30 Class IPs to host WordPress...... ....but really don't want to pay much more than $100 per month,... is there any hosting service out there that can work with this? I saw a thread on here before,... but it was weird because I guess it could not accept payment from me here in the...
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