1. MunnyMachine

    Looking for someone to assist in setting up CladG

    Hi, I need a GladG expert to assist setting up Clad Genius. Please send me your skype to discuss. Thanks :)
  2. S

    Help setting up CLAD Genius

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help me set up CLAD genius for postings in one locality. The project includes purchasing the accounts/vps. If you have a CLAD license that we could piggy-back off that would be great. PM me and we can figure out a price for the project. I have been trying...
  3. U

    Looking to hire a Clad trainer

    Looking to hire a clad trainer to help me set up clad with a few ads ,captcha and an ip solution please pm with your price an availability
  4. H

    Looking for CLAD Expert/Programmer

    Small business needing someone who knows what they are doing with CLAD pm for more information
  5. T

    Im Looking for "CLAD" or Craigs list specialist to help me with new campaign in CA

    Im looking for someone very experienced who owns autoposter as "clad" or any other, to help me with new campaign in california Or someone who will share hes knowledge . Im not looking for someone just post im looking for someone who will help me sustain large amount of live adds in only 2...
  6. E

    CLAD Genius Expert Needed

    Looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of CLAD Genius and could help us get ours up and running for our purposes. Willing to pay. PM me for contact info.
  7. DisavowedKing

    Genius Bar - CLAD Genius Set Up

    Looking for someone to set up and optimize a CLAD Genius set up for me. You must have prior experience as well as know IP solutions. Must be available via Team Viewer/GoToWebinar to help me perform all of the necessary actions. Along with IP Solutions, you must also be able to explain how to...
  8. T

    Verified CL poster needed for compaign

    I need someone to run campaign on daily bases in one category 3 cities around 60 adds a day that must be done with clad as the major issue here is frequent flagging by competitors i dont think addzila can monitor if add was removed i realy need someone experienced with can be confirmed by...
  9. C

    Clad Genius $200 Discount code

    january200off Good for 2 days. Have fun!
  10. soberealtor

    Any one know how to convert xml feeds for cl botpro or clad genius

    I have xml feeds, tab or csv files that i can download from a server. I need help converting one of these into a format that will allow me to bulk import all my ads into either cl bot or clad or both to post in craigslist any help is greatly appreciated
  11. P

    Monetize Servers

    Hey guys, I'm going to be in possession of 3 servers and wanted to get some more ideas on how to monetize them. So far I'm looking at hosting my sites and offering hosting locally. I'm considering turning of them into a proxy server and purchasing CLAD. Any other ideas?
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