cj affilate

  1. kaudo

    Beating competition: e-commerce affiliates, what do you do to differentiate from competition?

    All you old school gentlemen utilising CJ.com, Shareasale, Rakuten or any other network product feeds... all you Amazon associate API users... WHAT DO YOU DO TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF FROM COMPETITION? E.g. - I take the name of the rpoduct and I search the web for what the other websites have...
  2. S

    tracking affiliate campaigns on google ads?

    I am looking for a software that would allow me to track affiliate campaigns in google ads. Found few a few trackers which are over complicated, and do not integrate with Google Analytics, so useless as I need to build custom audiences. Planing to run listing product reviews for white hat...
  3. Rank wizard Ltd

    Affiliate Programs Head to Head: CJ Vs. AMZ

    I've been an AMZ affiliate for many years now. And looking forward to scaling up my revenues with some more aff. programs. And CJ(Commision Junction) is one of the few programs I'm loving already. So, what do you guys think on comparing these two programs head to head? Here is what I've...
  4. S

    Affiliate-Window referral code?

    anyone have affiliate window referral code??
  5. alice252293

    Question about Comission Jucntion affiliate link?

    I wanna ask you guys I sent affiliate link to a guy. He signed up and bought a domain on namecheap. will I get paid If he comes back and buy something on there?. Thanks.
  6. ssouffiane

    Bing ads - direct linking (deep link) - CJ

    hello i have a question, is there any posibility to use bing ads to promote an offer in CJ with direct linking (deep linking). i allready try one but the ads are desaproved by bing (cause: link in the ads is not the relevent to the landing page) thank you so much,
  7. M

    Looking affiliate that allow me to buy a traffic into my website ?

    Looking Looking affiliate that allow me to buy a traffic into my website ? Anyone please tell me affiliate that allow me to buy a traffic into my website ? best regards, mongkon_ta
  8. megajakubz

    Little problem with Instagram and CJ

    Hello! This is my first post here but I am longtime lurker. :) I have started my affiliate journey and I have chosen shoe niche. I use instagram and CJ. My problem is that I can not get the cookie to my audience because instagram has it´s own browser and I doubt that people will buy product...
  9. WhiteHatWorlds

    Rosetta Stone CJ pay per call; JV maybe?

    I'm marketing a Rosetta Stone pay per call offer on Commission Junction. My target audience is SPANISH only speakers from the US/Canada who are interested in learning English. Payout is $18 per 3 min call. No AdWords or Bing ads allowed. I was thinking about buying a billboard in a heavy...
  10. ppc_expert

    Looking for Person Of US or cabada Having CJ Affiliate Accout

    Guys, I am well experienced in how to CJ products by PPC to get maximum ROI, I know which products have good potential to earn $$$$. I am from India and Some affiliate program auto declined Indian Affiliates. Looking for CJ affiliate from US, canada to make big $$$$ togather,, I know which...
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