1. B

    Follow churn rates sudden drop?

    Hey folks, recently noticed my follow/unfollow churn (white hat technique within ToS, follow within limits, don't unfollow for 3 days, all above bar) has received a sudden and SEVERE drop in return - where ~300 follows were returning ~100+ followbacks, its not returning more like ~5 This...
  2. StealthLeads

    Testing aggressive following &/or follower churn, evading suspension triggers.

    Hey all, So my bot has excellent content flow and engagement. It's growing by itself but I'm ready to speed it up a little with some churn. I'm about ready to tune my follower churn bot and I thought it might be productive to post here with the information I gather. I have hopes that others...
  3. Noah Hawryshko

    The "Google Sandbox" Probably Does not Exist

    Earlier today I read an article on the "Google sandbox", a supposed negative PR for every page on every website that is under "x" amount of days or months old ( This article claimed that the Google sandbox was a sort of anti-spam page...
  4. G

    Need a blackhat SEO expert who can do “churn and burn” sites

    Attention: blackhat SEO experts who can do "churn and burn" sites We are looking at getting a jump page to the top for a certain product (I can tell you the product type upon your submitting a proposal via PM). Please tell us what budget do you think is needed to get us to the top. Also...
  5. N

    Twitter follow / unfollow - 'churn' limit

    Everyone is aware of the Twitters 10% limit, obviously because Twitter wont let you exceed it once your over 2000 followers. Example: 2000 Followers - 2200 Max Follows 8000 Followers - 8800 Max Follows Down to business... My question was is in regard to 'churning'. I just bought...
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