1. Carnaged

    Here is a FREE SEO Checklist

    hello fellow BHW'ers, so for all you people that run your own independent sites, here is a monthly checklist. NOTE: It is only viewable on on one of my dummy gmail accounts, so copy it to your own. It is incomplete - i normally have external sheets linked into the main sheet but ive copied...
  2. Dot Mirror LTD

    [Freebies] ⭕ The Ultimate Website Evaluation Checklist ❇️ Notion Template

    Greetings, Webmasters and Digital Enthusiasts! Are you looking to enhance your website's performance and appeal? Our Website Evaluation Checklist is here to guide you through key aspects of your site, ensuring it excels in all critical areas. good for anyone aiming to create a more impactful...
  3. Dot Mirror LTD

    ⭐ $0 Only ✅ B2B SEO Checklist ❤️Presented by Dot Mirror ⭐ Notion Template ⭐ Hurry! It's Limited Time Only

    Presenting Dot Mirror B2B SEO Checklist Dear Business Owner, Are you ready to take your business to new heights in the digital world? We're thrilled to introduce our exclusive B2B SEO Checklist, meticulously designed to supercharge your online presence. The best part? It's available to every...
  4. Max Kirschner

    A checklist to go through to find the likely cause that products stop selling

    My products stopped selling on ebay or don't sell much. Can you share a checklist to go through to find the likely cause?
  5. R

    Building an SEO knowledge base

    Good day! I'm setting up a knowledge base for anything SEO-related, something like a checklist, in a spreadsheet. I wanted to ask what pages are reliable sources aside from Backlinko? Thank you for answering!
  6. I

    offpage seo checklist and ONPAGE SEO

    Hey BHW member plz share offpage seo check list and ONPAGE SEO checklist
  7. L

    An Advice To Newbies! Who Started, And thinking that they lost due to Google Update.

    Hello BHW. Nowadays, It's common that every newbie is talking about update and penalty and some of them even thinking to sell their sites as it got hit. Almost, all of them have same issue that their first site ranked after a lot of efforts and hard work and now it lost its majority of rankings...
  8. J

    What Do I Actually Need to Rank Local Businesses?

    Hey everyone. The Internet is a huge place and it's always fun to find a little gem. I'm new to BHW and have been lurking some threads. Everything here is full of knowledge and advice..... I love it! I instantly became attracted to Local SEO and the idea of it. I decided that I don't want to sit...
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