1. D

    Jr. VIP with 99 posts - HOW?

    Hello, This member (@Lanfeust) is Jr. VIP right now with 99 posts only. Although he made more than 60 posts today only and around 95 posts in last two days. Is there any changes in Jr. VIP requirements? Or it is a bug in BHW 2.0? Thanks. @MisterF @SoccerLover @davids355 @Zwielicht
  2. Start Earning

    When have Google video search results changed?

    Seems I've slept for centuries and missed that: Didn't google video search produce youtube results, mainly? Now, when I check the video tab of SERP for any keyword it shows pages, and a thumbnail of an embedded video (usually hosted on youtube, but also others), but the links are to the page...
  3. Reem khan

    SEO has completely changed now! What really works in 2018?

    Like before creating 10 - 15 articles for a micro niche website, doing on page adding keywords to the content and then keep making links until it gets ranked. Its over now! SEO has now completely changed. Comment backlinks will not help you now to get a higher ranking in the Google SERPs. What...