1. Caramelman7

    Which python course is the best ?

    There are 3 python courses I found in my country and the first one is this one : The course content ^ Course duration : 3 ½ Months | 14 Weeks Course fee : 112 USD The second course I found is the below one Course content ^ Course duration : 48 Hours Course fee : 83.35 USD The third couse I...
  2. hercai

    Are there any courses where I can get a free certificate?

    Hello, can you suggest me the sites where I can attend free courses and get a free certificate to show my CV full? In the meantime, I am looking for certificates related to my profession and fields of interest. Website, Graphic design, SEO, Wordpress, Elementor, Mobile Programming, ASO, Ads...
  3. Ankonz

    Want a FREE Certificate from any Of the Worlds TOP UNIVERSITY?? *GET YOURS WITHIN 31 JULY* [University of Virginia,Johns Hopkins,Duke University etc]

    Do you ever dreamed to Get a Certificate from any of the World's Best Universities? If your answer is YES, Then I have got some good news for you. JUST FOLLOW MY STEP. I'll show you how can you get a Certificate from any of the World's Top Universities. And it will be totally FREE. You...
  4. TheArtMound

    May I Know The Best Free Digital Marketing Certificate List?

  5. Jerome Baker

    FREE Oracle Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    I'm always reaping the benefits of this site, I thought since I have something to share I should return the favor. Starting now, any user, including developers, technical professionals, architects, students and professors, will have quick and easy access to more than 50 hours of online training...
  6. pankajjangir

    Google, HubSpot, SEMrush Certification Service - $10 Bundle Offer

    Limited Period Offer: Get 9 Google Ads Certificates at Just $1 Per Exam + $1 Fee (Bundle Offer). Please read Terms and Conditions before proceeding. Click here to buy Currently I am offering These Certification Service: Google (9 Certificates): Google Ads Fundamentals Google Ads Display...
  7. speedie

    Digital Marketing Certifications Unlocked [Done for You]. Become the Authority You Deserve Today ✅

    Get Certified. Make yourself an Authority Get an extremely affordable professional certification in any or all of the 10 key areas of digital marketing, from the eMarketing Institute, Denmark. We will register for you with an email address, your name or company name, write and pass the exam...
  8. K

    Need 100+ IOS certificates

    Hey im looking to obtain 100+ ios certificates. Can come from Iphones, ipads, ipod touch. If you know how to extract them and have access to getting a huge amount please message me. price can be discussed over pm as well. thanks
  9. healzer

    [URGENT] Education and IT Certificates

    Hello guys! I have a friend who's in need of a Security/IT course/program to receive a certificate. Are there any one-year (or less) programs you know of, that don't cost x.xxx$ ? Will rep + thank for all suggestions and help. Thank you!
  10. Tunenchi

    Want an individual Google Adwords Certificate before January 2013

    Hey guys I was thinking of taking the course for the Google adwords certificate. I think it is important to prove my skills to a company that I would offer my SEO and Internet marketing services to. Am not a Guru at all but I know things that not a lot of people know in my country and I think it...
  11. I

    Free SSL certificates are secure and legit? Worth to go?

    Hi guys! I am about to get free SSL certificate and just wondering how legit those companies are. Just right now I am registering with one company (don't want to post here the name) and I am not sure is it good enough as free? Anyone had any experience with free SSL certificates? Best regards...
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