1. RanQ Higher

    Favorite person in your life!

    Who is your favorite in your life and Why? and, What will you be dedicated to him/her if you have a chance? He/She may be a personal one or celebrities by impressed or admired!
  2. sonyhp

    IG Celebreties' Love Affair with Bots :-D

    So I have been playing around with few IG bots. While I was doing this, I noticed that most of the IG celebrities/Big brands use some sort of bots to "engage" and to build up large followers base. Probably everyone knows this by now, but I was a bit surprised. The social media universe is...
  3. dexterfly

    Quiz generator

    While surfing on the internet I found this interesting way to present a quiz. Does anyone know which script was used to produce it? It even have a timer. The website is this one: http://www.celeb17.com/artists/u/carrie-underwood/a1/quiz.php
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