1. D


    I'm seeking one friend with Yetishare experience. I would like to use CDN to delivery Wasabi storage. Can someone help me config CDN for Wasabi endpoint “within Yetishare script”? I think we may just need to manually configure the cdn url for the Wasabi endpoint in the script. Note: We have to...
  2. theseuz

    Custom ADULT Drive CDN

    Hello forum :D I want to start a new journey in the adult niche ant one of the major problems i've encountered is basically where to store and how to play videos. Of course, I can use serviced like CDNBunny or Doodstream but I want to create my own CDN network. The idea is the following: In...
  3. 7

    Optimizing Global Image-based Website Performance: Exploring CDN Solutions and SEO Strategies

    Hello all, i am in the process of creating an international website that will mainly display various images. Since hopefully visitors from all over the world will access the website, I am wondering where and how I should host the website? What would be the best option for me? Does it make...
  4. Vido900

    Bunny CDN? Any experience to share?

    Does 10 $ is enought for a blog?
  5. H

    Cloudflare Vs Google Cloud CDN

    Hi mates, good day. Has anyone tried Google Cloud CDN? I currently use CloudFlare on my website, but I would like to test Google's service, especially to see how it behaves or improves with Adsense. Thank you for your attention and help.
  6. B

    Best CDN for movie streaming websites so please dont mention that. can you guys mention any free CDN for pirate movie streaming website?
  7. BoobsLover

    Can someone recommend best Cloudflare alternatives to hide my origin server IP?

    Hi, I'm currently hosting my web app on AWS EC2, I kinda have copyrighted content there. I received DMCA complaints twice and I believe AWS has eyes on me for next couple of complaints before they suspend my account for good. I host my web app on AWS, because it is powered by many of their...
  8. G

    I am working on hosting platform, need some advices...

    So basically I am working on something like tube script with baked in hosting and I have trouble deciding on what to implement in terms of video hosting. I have 2 options: 1. The easiest solution is to give an option to scaffold tube with embeds from large sites, but then must give up on...
  9. L

    i need some suggestions about hosting

    I have some 200gb data so please give me some suggestions what should i use should i use some hosting or what other things i can use so my wordpress website will not get slow Thank You
  10. CyberCommander

    Akamai CDN third party partner with pay per month subscription?

    A few years ago there was a partner of Akamai in Spain, which sold CDN per monath. Does anyone know what this partner is called or does anyone know another Akamai partner? I am looking for an Akamai subscription per month Currently I'm testing but the GUI...
  11. G03

    Issue with Google Analytics tracking after installing CDN

    Since I've installed Stackpath CDN, my Google Analytics is only tracking 10% of my actual traffic and revenue, even though the GA tag is in the header. Has anyone else had this problem and have a solution?
  12. L

    Looking for a CDN to host images that ignores DMCA

    I can't seem to find recommended CDNs that ignore DMCA or are offshore? And also accepts crypto What do you guys use or recommend? Thanks!
  13. Vox1Hex

    Most affordable CDN for adult videos

    Hi BHW, just would like to ask you about your experiences concerning CDNs. I'm currently using bunnyCDN and I am quite happy with them. Their prices are ok, for example on fastly I would get 38x higher price than on bunny. Time to time I am doing research for prices of competitors, but for now...
  14. Vox1Hex

    Decentralized alternative to common CDN

    Hi BHW members, just would like to ask you if anybody using some new modern approach to oldschool CDN like bunnyCDN. For example siacoin released decentralized CDN on blockchain siasky, they have working product nowadays. I am just curious if anybody of you is using those new approaches to...
  15. crissdinesh

    Lazyloding images hosted on CDN is a good or bad idea?

    Hi BHW, I’m thinking about lazy loading the images hosted on a CDN? Is it a good idea or not? Will this combination works well? Looking for a piece of advice.
  16. crissdinesh

    Full or Flexibile SSL from Cloudflare for Blogger site?

    Hello BHW, Recently I added Cloudflare to one of my blogger custom domains. The settings are given below: On blogger: On Cloudflare: Chrome browser ssl check I see no issues with my site at this moment. The http, https, www and non-www versions are correctly pointing to preferred...
  17. CyberCommander

    Does Cloudflare solve my problem? or better options?

    Hi Guys I need to create a server configuration for a big magento online shop. The requirements are: - Every click/activity results in the online shop must be less than 1s. - The online shop must be protected from cybercrime. My plan is: - Stablepoint Magento optimized Hosting in a Datacenter...
  18. CyberCommander

    What is the best CDN where DMCA ignores?

    What is the best CDN where DMCA ignores?
  19. kurosaki4d

    Help! Cloudflare caches my WP admin bar

    Hi, I am using Cloudflare CDN with my WordPress site. I noticed a huge mistake, i'm using as a Page rule "Cache everything" in Cloudflare, this makes my page a bit faster, but the problem is that it caches my black admin bar at the top. When the visitor is inspecting the page, he gets to see...
  20. I

    Site is down after changing DNS

    Hello, I don't have any prior knowledge in this hosting/DNS section, that's why seeking from help here. So, I have a site which was on Ezoic for last couple of months and in order to use Ezoic properly I had to use their CDN. But a few days ago, Adthrive approved our site so we changed our DNS...
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