cdn hosting

  1. G03

    Issue with Google Analytics tracking after installing CDN

    Since I've installed Stackpath CDN, my Google Analytics is only tracking 10% of my actual traffic and revenue, even though the GA tag is in the header. Has anyone else had this problem and have a solution?
  2. L

    Looking for a CDN to host images that ignores DMCA

    I can't seem to find recommended CDNs that ignore DMCA or are offshore? And also accepts crypto What do you guys use or recommend? Thanks!
  3. Vox1Hex

    Decentralized alternative to common CDN

    Hi BHW members, just would like to ask you if anybody using some new modern approach to oldschool CDN like bunnyCDN. For example siacoin released decentralized CDN on blockchain siasky, they have working product nowadays. I am just curious if anybody of you is using those new approaches to...
  4. nifras

    namecheap cdn

    Hi everyone Namecheap lunch the CDN service Include free plan enjoy But i try it to my site its went down they support trying to fixing