1. kleoz

    NFT Project Ready to Mint + Your Marketing / Mass DM / Promo

    The Details: Project on Cardano Discord Ready Website delivering in 1-2 days Minting on 30th of December ALOT of Utility and great ARTWORK We will split mint earnings if you join. DM for details.
  2. William702

    Getting Back into Crypto. Cardano?

    Thinking of putting a one or two percent of my portfolio into Cardano for a medium to long term investment. Or at least for a year or two. I was hoping to float the idea here and here peoples opinions on it. As well as their opinions on Cardano good and bad. Of course I have done some of my own...
  3. weeman123

    [JOURNEY DOXXED COINS] Purchased 7,009,201,862.778319 Sphynx SPH 1091$ + CAKE 500$ + 895$ VET + 842$ AKRO + 299$ ADA + 171$ XVG [HODL to 100,000$]

    What a fun and exciting day! Discovered some cryptos I lost while back, so now I start the journey. The journey to 100,000$. Will not be selling anytime soon or until at least 50,000$ Special thank you to: @DE_GAME for telling me the staking rewards for CAKE and @duckduckgoo for telling me a...
  4. I

    Best time to invest in Cardano was 7 days ago,second best time is now!

    I think Cardano has huge potential,and it still has relatively low marketcap....I already invested there and I have a plan to invest more....Just my 2 cents,do your own research!
  5. traged

    Cardano - next IOTA??

    Hi all, I have invested quite a lot in this coin, great idea, great team (people from University of Edinburgh, Athens and Connecticut). It currently costs just around 10 cents, prediction for first half of 2018 is $1 based on this article -...