1. Y

    [WTB] Bot That clear captchas and enter text

    I want to buy a bot that can 1. Open a website 2. Type Text in a particular area 3. Clear Google captcha 4. Delete history of browser ( inbuilt or external browser) REPEAT CryptoCurrency Only!!!
  2. H

    Automatic captcha solver created! Now what?

    Hello! I coded a program which can solve automatically some basic captcha (like the one attached to this post). My question for you guys is how to make money from it?
  3. T

    Captcha Server for ReCaptcha2

    I am planning to create my own recaptcha2 solving website like and I'd like to ask if there is anyone here who knows how to emulate recaptcha2 captcha with sitekey and page URL given for solvers to solve and get a g-recaptcha-response token. Thanks!
  4. serpentofthelight

    you get captchas! He gets captchas! Everybody gets captchas!

    Hey guys, The folks at DBC offered me free captchas for every person I refer over to them And guess what? You'll get'em free captchas to. All you need to do is give me your DBC username and an invoice you may have from another captcha service THAT IS NOT MORE THAN 3 MONTH OLD! And that's it...
  5. N

    Need to know Specs for a VPS or dedicated server to run GSA

    Hi A newbie and just got GSA ser. Searching high and low to find what kind of specs I need for a vps or a Dedi Server to run gsa with all of the other tools I need to run along with it. Anyone has any idea? so I can start looking for a vps to handle all the seo tools with GSA?:captain: Thanks
  6. RoundedPixels

    [Instagram] Get Rid of Captchas FOREVER

    If you're like me, you use organic methods to gain Instagram followers such as following users to get followbacks, liking photos for likeback, etc, etc. And if you're like me, you get captchas quite often and just want to get rid of them forever off your account. Well, a while ago I found out...
  7. Scorpion Ghost

    Solving Capthas thought - question

    Okay, i have a question which someone can surely answer.. It's not a big deal, it's just a thought that crossed my mind and i thought i'd ask. I solve captchas occasionally for this website, when im bored or have nothing better to do... And i thought, apart from the few cents i get for...
  8. S

    Captcha Bypassing service

    Hello , I saw you have good bots and I think for some of them, captcha is a big problem for fully automation. We run a service for captcha decoding with which the automatically can be really 100% automated. You can check...
  9. X

    CaptchaNOW - human based 24/7 captcha solving service

    Dear BHWers... introducing to you a new captcha solving service captchaNOW , a fully human based captcha solving solution. Dedicated and quality captcha typers are putting hard effort to solve captchas 24/7. Price $1.75/k, which is cheaper but providing best service is still the main...
  10. A

    YouTube Fights Back: More Captchas

    Got word today that YT is putting captchas on their video sharing feature, which was what I found to be the most efficient and effective for driving authentic views (using multiple accounts through Tube Toolbox). The TT owner promises to have a workaround by tonight, but I'm somewhat skeptical...
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