1. S

    Ranking for 2 similar keywords without cannibalization

    Is it possible to rank the same site for 2 keywords that differ only in an adjective? Let's take helmets and best helmets as an example. Right now, I'm #1 for best helmets and #5 for helmets. The current page is targeting best helmets. If not, would a landing page on a different domain with a...
  2. Josh Saga

    Keyword Cannibalization Question

    Hello Dears, Here to ask if I'm doing my content planning right I have target money KW's being buying guides - example: Best Keyword for so and so Under this buying guide- I added other topics like "Kinds of Keyword, Keyword Tricks and Tips, Keyword Maintenance/Safety etc." But I'm not trying...
  3. robin222

    HELP!!! Keywords disappear from the 1 positon

    I have several keywords that have been ranked first or second in Google for the past month. Today I checked the data and found that there was a lot less traffic, and I found that all these keywords disappeared and were not ranked. Is this what is the reason? what should I do? PS: At the same...
  4. SEOdev2017

    SEO Cannibalization Problem: Daily News vs. Cornerstones

    Hello, I have a very specific issue I am dealing with and was hoping others on BHW might have dealt with something similar. I cannot find anything that addresses this specifically on BHW or on other forums, so reaching out for your help (thanks in advance). Problem: We produce daily news...
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