camtasia studio

  1. sageshark

    Selling One Camtasia 2019 Video Editor Software - Single User - Lifetime License

    Hello Everyone, I have one single license of Camtasia Video editing software (Win) that I had purchased in 2019. I want to sell it at discounted price now. Why I want to sell it? I no longer edit videos myself. I have a team that do it for me and they have different software that they use, so...
  2. Tienteo123

    Someone used video editor to get the first sales??

    Have you ever used camtasia to cut video collage and make music yet, I got the first order from a small idea to make a 60 second video #video_creation #music_transplant
  3. Icey Dan

    [GUIDE] Use Camtasia Premium Video Editor For Free!

    Hey guys - I'm back again to hopefully provide some more value to the community. Enjoy, and I hope you all have a healthy and profitable 2020! Video marketing continues to trend up - and for good reason: it works really well. But in order for video marketing to be worthwhile, the videos have to...
  4. X

    Get Camtasia 9 and Snagit for $20 ($300 Value)

    Sorry if this has been posted already, didn't see it when searching. Humble Bundle is doing a software deal right now and if you spend $20 you get a key for Camtasia 9 and Snagit (plus all the other stuff in the bundle). Camtasia 9 isn't the newest version, but it's a fantastic tool and the...
  5. G

    [GET] Learn Video Editing Using Camtasia Studio

    Hi everyone, here is a FREE Link to Learn Video Editing Using Camtasia Studio For Beginners Enroll now for the course before all the spots are filled. :)
  6. popzzz

    [GET] Free Camtasia Stuff

    For all you good little boys and girls of I have some free Camtasia goodies for you today if you didn't know about them already! ..... popzzz ~ Free Camtasia Tutorials ..... also snagit, screencast, jing, morae ..... popzzz ~ Free...
  7. blackma

    Recommend a good camera for me... PLEASE!?

    Hey guys, Wanted to buy a good second hand camera so that I can record myself doing some woodworking projects at home. It's a new whitehat venture I am getting into. The video needs to be able to record to high quality but not National Geographic HD standard or anything! I would...
  8. mystery

    Need Quality Camtasia Video Creation

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who is good with creating videos using camtasia. I'm talking about videos where the person explains something while demonstrating it live online. I need 5 quality videos of different lengths. I'll provide the main points of each video to focus on, go...
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