cam girls

  1. venomous_anonymous

    Help managing adult models online

    Hey guys I'm new here in BHW and have read a lot of relevant information that makes me fascinated with the content around here. I recently had the opportunity to "manage" a couple of friends who are adult models online. I have never done this before and wondered what would be the best way to...
  2. I

    [Journey] From Masterbater to Adult Webmaster

    first of all, I hope the title is ok lol :D TL;DR: Trying to make money off horny guys So, i kinda suck at making money online, even though i really know about so many different ways of doing it. I think I made $7.95 in revenue with dropshipping years ago, but i tend to suck at sticking to...
  3. N

    [Need advice] Cam models recruiting

    Dear BHW 2 months ago I was known about cam model site and has tried to make passive income from adult industry. I created landing pages, posted ads on classified sites, trafficjunky, commented on reddit to promote my link aff but no one registed. Does any one has experience about recruit cam...
  4. Tatu kh

    Where can I find to hire Web cam girls. Any suggestions

    Hello BHW. I am planning to open an adult webcam site ( hire from BHW ) I need cam girls to work for me. Give me your suggestions to find them. And How well can you earn from it.
  5. T

    25 Free imlive credits

    A user put up an imlive acct w/ 25 credits on a while ago, but clearly they've been used up... but now I've found an affiliate who's offering 25 free credits (good from the time of purchase to the next 24 hrs). He obv gets some kinda commission offa this... so he wants ppl to use it. I've tried...
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