call agents

  1. M

    German / English Call centre wanted

    Hello all, We are looking for a call centre to work with us on large projects. The location of the call centre doesn't matter, most of the time it's in Turkey / Albania / India / Eastern Block of EU. The call centre must speak German and English, i.e. have German and English speaking callers...
  2. soperwq1911

    [WTH] Call centres wanted who also speak German! - Long term projects / Good payment

    Hello, we are looking for contact with a call centre. As we have some projects and companies where someone has to answer the phone to talk to our clients, we need a competent call centre. It is important that your callers speak German on the phone, preferably fluently or at least only with a...
  3. M

    Chinese speaking contractors to cold-call

    Hello we are looking for Chinese speaking contractors to cold-call companies and offer financial products. Kindly respond if you are interested in the position by providing your contact information.
  4. RonyKing247

    Call Center: Subscription Support Services.

    I want to ask if anyone run call center here, and if they run subscription support services in their center. Anticipate and appreciate responses.
  5. Help Desk


    Sorry to post in this group, but I want to know which app is good to call in the USA. The only this I need is I want to record that call and a different number each time. I have to call with a different number each time. Please help.
  6. SEOWorlock

    I need Indian Call Center Staff

    I need people from India who are working on call center or are associated in any way with call centers to hire them for research and outbound calling for my company. Please PM if you are interested and will send you my contact to talk online. For best ones I will pay good rate. Interested on...
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