c++ programmer

  1. Nikhil Shah

    c++ dot

    Hi, to address a point in java we incorporate a class java.awt.Point, I might want to do likewise in c++ for example address a point in c++ I don't have the foggiest idea how to make it happen, is there a library to incorporate or how is it? much thanks to you
  2. A

    Need a tutorial video for a golang program ($100)

    Need a tutorial video be made of the program Neurax https://github.com/redcode-labs/Neurax it needs to contain: Full explanation of how it works demonstrate how to install demonstrate how to configure demonstrate how to infect demonstration of spreading demonstration of the commands (ie...
  3. JohnDontheman

    i Need someone to develop me a voice changer app for windows

    i Need someone to develop me a voice changer app for windows
  4. JohnDontheman

    I need a software developer who can develop a software similar to multilogin

    I need a software developer who can develop a software similar to multilogin
  5. D

    About me

    My Self working as a life coach, Trainer, Youtuber on various techie topics which helps the newbie to get learned on latest topic trends. This will also helps the freshers or Experienced person to secure there jobs as well as get placed in top notch organization. Delivered topics are: 1...
  6. K

    I need game unpack services.

    Hello. I have files made in C ++ and packed with a kind of encryption. I need someone to unpack these files and extract the content inside. These are game files that have been turned into binaries. Maybe it can be done in reverse engineering, cracking these files or something. I will pay well...
  7. $

    Custom scripts + depending on feedback much larger project

    Like probably 73729101 people thatve posted in freelancers, I need someone to help (i.e. do most of the heavy lifting on the code) with creating completely up to date scripts that can be used to purchase limited edition items, and am particularly interested in coming up with something that can...
  8. O

    Ai programmer needed urgently

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an experienced Ai programmer to teach students how to create projects on ai field. Kindly make a comment if you are interested. An educational company in the USA is looking for remote tutors/project creators on ai field.
  9. graves316v1

    I need an iqoption bot using mt4

    I need an iqoption bot using mt4 only qualified coder contact me
  10. kd199121

    C++ Video Tutorial Step By Step

    Hello Everyone I want a link to download C++ video tutorial step by step and the best and easy way to understand it :) If it is a torrent file or one link where i can get it all it would be very helpful for me ! Only free ones not paid :) Any kind of help would be appreciated :)
  11. I

    Instagram Automation in C++

    Hy, Thank you for reading this. I am a C++ Programmer but not an Extreme level Expert person so I just want to Know whether is it Possible to Do automation in C++. I Know how can we create Loops, arrays, link lists. Please Just Confirm so I can Start Learning more to reach that level. Thank...