buying website

  1. Alex D.

    How much this domain is worth

    I want to buy domain (website - it has just few articles) it's 8 years old and ranked first for keyword with 2000 monthly searches. I think that I can improve it a lot by adding more content. Currently it gets approx 3000 visitors monthly. Niche is finance. Owner wants: $500 for it. In...
  2. PChanger

    Investing By Buying Sites On Flippa. Good Or Bad Idea For An Amateur?

    Hey BHW, So I have been kicking around the idea of saving up a bit of money and buying some websites off of flippa. Seems like it could be a really good investment. I am 17 and don't generally have a whole lot of cash to throw around, but I am graduating soon and lots of people are sending me...
  3. gunn3r

    Buying High PR Domain issue that has not been addressed yet.

    I see countless threads on BHW telling how to check fake pagerank and other ways to do it etc. I wanted to know that when you are looking for High PR domain on GoDaddy auctions how can you then check its PR since it has been parked on GoDaddy's landing page? :confused: What I mean to say is...
  4. johnnyc9999

    HELP - Buying an Expensive Domain Name

    The title says it all - I've identified a great domain name to buy with all the required attributes for a success: exact keyword domain (one of .com/.net/.org), 4 years old, indexed by Google etc. The purchase price will be a few hundred dollars via This is the first time I've...
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