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    Hey! I'm wondering if anyone has an active Twitter account they can sell. Preferably with 5k+ active Followers. There has to be real engagements with the tweets. I want to pay good money for a good account. No botted followers and fake interactions. The niche should be memes, games, or hip...
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    NEED: realistic twitter accounts with over 100 tweets each (NO retweets, actual tweets)

    Hey BHW, I need someone to generate twitter accounts for me, which actually look real. They should have about 100 (or a little more) tweets. No retweets, actual written tweets. I don't care about followers, bio, profile pic etc, I just need the accounts to have the tweets. This is a big job, I...
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    How to get abandoned Twitter accounts?

    Google doesn't have anything useful for me on the subject, so here goes. As some of you might now - I've recently started a tweet exchange service It's a place where you can go, tweet someone else's tweets and get your tweets tweeted. One of the functions I've recently implemented is...
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