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    If you are looking to buy installs for your app then you should keep in mind these things

    Hello, There a lot of of websites for you to buy app installs like STEAMSEO , 9XEN , APPINSTA, oi;ymob etc. In this answer, I am gonna show to some must-have tips when you buy app installs. 1. Do not buy cheap installs: Cheap one is not always good and Good one is not always cheap. There are a...
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    The keyword installs is great way to promote an App Choose those keywords which are easy to rank for ; For a new app, choose those keywords which are easy to rank for. After gaining some downloads, start using keywords with higher traffic and reasonable difficulty, which can help your app stack...
  3. alexmartin

    Where Can I Buy Android App Installs ?

    My friends use platforms like Steamseo , appinsta , 9xen ,oilymob ,appurz . Such companies help to rank your app to the Top and get more installs from real people for lowest price on the market . You can get worldwide installs or target country, High Retention Installs , Keyword Search Instals ...