If you are looking to buy installs for your app then you should keep in mind these things


Mar 23, 2019
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There a lot of of websites for you to buy app installs like STEAMSEO , 9XEN , APPINSTA, oi;ymob etc. In this answer, I am gonna show to some must-have tips when you buy app installs.
1. Do not buy cheap installs:
Cheap one is not always good and Good one is not always cheap. There are a lot of app installs providers (iOS) who provide the app installs at $0.2 or $0.3 or even $0.1 but the installs are from just from one or two devices with different accounts. However, these app installs sellers also claim that they provide 100% real users app installs. That’s impossible. Let’s think this way: Are you willing to download an app, play it for some minutes to get just $0.05 or so? They must be selling fake app installs. Avoid them at all costs.

2. Do not pay too much for app installs:
I once asked some websites and they say that their app installs are real so it costs $1 or $1.5 each. I was like “Wow”. I would better pay for Google or Facebook ads with this rate.

3. Pay by PayPal:
The reason why I advise you to use PayPal is that you can request the money back if the app installs provider scam you. PayPal do protect both sellers and buyers. Just give them proof and they will help you to get the money back.

4. Be sure you have a good connection with your app installs provider: The payment is automatic but you need someone to help you when you want to pause, start, target, split the campaigns.
After 3 years buying app installs, I have tried almost every website and the one that makes me most satisfied is STEAMSEO so if you have not found a suitable app installs providers, you can give it a try. For iOS, you can target 100% real app installs from any countries but for Android, their app installs are worldwide installs and you have to pay more if you want to target a specific country.

P.s: I am not promoting for any companies so please feel free to choose your own app installs provider but remember, do a thorough search before choosing any companies.

Thank you for reading my answer! Have a good day!


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Mar 5, 2019
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thank you.
can you recommend me which website to buy good install ?


Sep 27, 2015
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im currently using apptrolls.com for almost 2 months now for my app install and currently very much satisfied with their service. their website is currently have a lot of maintenance in some areas but it is easy to contact them looking at their contact info in their contact page