business leads

  1. goodbye tobey

    Monetizing 150k segmented business leads from Ontario Canada ?

    So I have 150k business leads cleaned and categoriezed by industry, All from Ontario Canada Looking for best ways to monetize these leads?
  2. ViP

    [GIVEAWAY] Targeted Leads for your business (list of potential customers)

    Requirements: Registered for at least 1 month Able to write a detailed review on BST thread How to apply: Reply and wait for my PM That's how leads look: Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, IP, Time Zone, Date of birth (leads format can always be different...
  3. Rollfic

    ACUTAL business leads?

    Hi, I need to get email address of companies in the US and manually doing this in google is very time consuming. Any specific software that actually pulls correct email address from companies?
  4. Adivertising

    [FREE] Facebook Business Contact Information

    Let`s keep this thread short and simple: Reply with business category and location EXAMPLE: Transportation Company + London, UK. JR VIP will be prioritized, and all the contact information will be shared via a link from approved file sharing services, provided with virus scan as well. If...
  5. yellowcat

    i have 1.4 million business leads how should i make a profitable site?

    I have a database of 1.4 million business leads with first/last name , company name, phone , email, location , etc. The data is not "publically available" Im looking for ideas on how to create a profitable site with this data. Do you think the traffic from creating a public directory site with...
  6. M

    Business Databases Available (USA,UK,Canada,Australia)

    Hi i can provide you any of category business databases with professional emails across USA,UK,Canada,Australia .Quality is your orders and pm me for details.100% customer satisfaction. Place your orders i am available for quick response.
  7. F

    [GET] Linkedin Scraper - Marketing Leads

    I have a Linkedin Scraper that i bought afew weeks ago, it can get you alot of leads on linkedin, i want to see if it works for other people, it comes with a serial key which i have provided in the zip file ..I can not post urls on this forum yet so i guess you will have to send me a message on...
  8. Seariz

    Non really...

    I co-own a concierge company out of Las Vegas where we get a lot of odd requests (see where this is going?). Most high rollers don't like the idea of a prostitute that they could go get at a brothel or bunny ranch because any dipshit with $200 can do that. They want fresh blood, something they...
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