1. the_demon

    Bukisa Appears to be Fraud

    After reading the Bukisa TOS multiple times I have yet to find my self in violation. I was sending traffic to their site for over a month without the slightest hint of trouble, warning, etc... Not only did they fail to pay me my earnings but, on top of that they recently banned my account. I...
  2. K

    Bukisa/AC: Can We Focus On 2 Article Only, Then Maintain 3k View Per Day?

    Hi there..:) For Bukisa/AC Can We Focus On 2 Article Only, Then Maintain 3k View Per Day? that means we dont do many articles, but maintain 2 articles, then maintain the view around 3k per day for example bukisa, they pay 3.7 usd per 1k view, so we can get 10 usd per day if we maintain...
  3. T

    Possible Way To Make Money On Bukisa (Or AC For That Matter)

    Let me start this off with disclaimers: 1. This popped into my head last night. It may not even make sense, but in my newb mind, it seems feasible. 2. I have never tried it because I haven't quite developed the technical know-how to pull this off. 3. This may require a little more technical...
  4. Z

    My Bukisa Method

    Bukisa is a website which pay you around 4$ for every 1000 views your article get. The do not check content uniqueness. Links : http://www.bukisa.com : Bukisa http://www.reddit.com : Reddit This method is very simple. It consists of using social bookmarking websites to drive traffic to your...
  5. leonidt

    Bukisa-whoring your referral link.

    Alright, seems as there is all this interest in Bukisa lately, and some people know I've said that the good money is in referrals, I decided my first 3 star post (201st :D ) should be all about how I get referrals. :D 1) Your link. If you're planning on doing any kind of serious...
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