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  1. anvar12

    **ZERO TO HERO** #4. Planning & Controlling

    (or back to Zero haha) #A. Hello Amigos, If you are reading this, I’d like to take a moment and say thank you for sparing your time. I made a decision to give structure to my posts, so it’s more readable for you and easier for me to make more frequent entries. Soo, here is the outline of my...
  2. anvar12

    **ZERO TO HERO** #3. Competitor Analysis

    (or back to Zero haha) Hey guys,Hope everybody is doing fine. I’m also doing fine, sitting quietly in my room and drinking my hot tea. It’s becoming my ritual I guess… to set myself up to write this blog. It’s been 4 days since I started my ecom project, and although I wish I’ve had given...
  3. anvar12

    **Zero to Hero** (or back to zero haha) #2. Market Research

    **Zero to Hero** - #2. Market Research (or back to zero haha) Hey guys, Here I am again with another blog post. Just sitting at my desk, sipping on a cup of black tea and listening to rain & thunder sounds on Youtube. I find those sounds relaxing, and they help to focus better. Try it out...
  4. anvar12

    ** ZERO TO HERO** (or back to Zero haha)

    Hello Friends! It’s another beautiful day and I'm sitting on my couch. Just came from a morning stroke. I was so pumped about a new project I'm starting that I could not sleep so I went out to get some fresh air. Soo, for a few days I’ve been thinking about what to blog about. There were so...
  5. mystery

    How Would YOU Build Your Corp Business?!

    What would you do, step by step, to start from zero and proceed to building your own corp business and company? It doesn't matter what niche you are in. What were the steps you followed to have your own well established company, or what would be the steps you'd follow to achieve that, in case...
  6. J

    Thank you Black Hat World!

    Hello all! Jason here... I am looking forward to a new chapter in my business life. This is my first intro to the bh marketing world and I look forward to learning and sharing any and all effective methods of marketing. I believe in what goes around comes around, and paying it forward! Anyone...
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