building backlinks

  1. seojen

    Someone Explains me What is Google Sandbox please!

    I need your advice guys, I have this website created in the first days of April and today I checked it in Ahrefs and found it was showing some keywords there as seen in the screenshot. I've been reading things about new websites and how it normally takes something around 6 months to get out of...
  2. Lunatic Call

    MotherLink - High Authority Links | Premium Content | 15000+ Websites from 81 countries

    Website link request must be done via form here - or via pm on BHW Information necessary to receive the list: 1. Regions you are interested* 2. Minimal requirements for the website metrics in the list (DA, TF, RD etc.) 3. Your contact...
  3. Anevo

    First time owning a site

    Hey guys, This is going to be my first attempt to make some money (will try amazon affiliate) in the long run with a website, given this, unfortunately, I'm confused about some things that I'd appreciate if you could give me an explanation about how they work or an idea of how to do them. I...
  4. V

    How to Index Backlink

    I started trying to build little backlinks to my blog and I created tumblrs with high DA and PA but now the problem is that for 2 weeks they're yet to show up as backlinks, so I plan on driving fake traffic to the backlink to see if the backlink would get indexed. Would this work?
  5. alice252293

    Building backlinks question

    I have spent 2.5 months on writing articles and Onpage SEO. Now I want to spend more time on building backlinks. I read tons of articles from Gurus (Backlinko, Neil Patel, Ahrefs). They all explain "What is it" but not "How to do it". Like "Send Bloggers email asking for links", "Build...
  6. LinkBuildingServices

    DA40+ Contextual Backlinks from $0.15 ★ Manual ★ See-Backlink-Page BEFORE Buying ★ $10 Bonus for ALL Contact us: PM me or send email...
  7. Sanjar

    Any Canadian Seller here?

    Is there anyone selling high DA and PA in .ca/Canadian domains for the guest posts.
  8. MarvinMartian

    Backlink Resources From Beginning To End

    I have been looking for some good resources on backlinks. I have been having issues doing this in the past and I finally want to conquer backlinks. I understand a lot of the basics, but backlinks have always been a little trickier for me to understand with the google updates and also I don't...
  9. aditya4all

    How do you build backlinks for a new site? [Need a little clarification]

    I want to start backlinks campaign for my new site. What is the right way to build backlinking process for a new site [My site is 45 days old and I concentrated on content, however I got 10-15 organic backlinks] ? Do I start with building backlinks for the domain url or just build links to...
  10. Y

    [SIMPLE]Auto Approve List's Harvesting - 99.9% SUCCESS Rate

    This is a pretty easy and straight forward approach to getting a auto approve blog list that has a 99.9% success rate when you post with whatever software you prefer.
  11. K

    BlackHat Link Building Script

    The method defined: --------------------- 1. Plugin keyword(s) 2. Script fetches Domain's that return from searching Google, Bing, Yahoo for the specified keyword(s) in step1 3. Script fetches the domain(s) WHOIS info for the Administrative contact and stores the Firstname, Lastname...
  12. S

    Who has the most Backlinks?

    I was curious who among us has the site with the most backlinks? I am just starting a site and building backlinks somewhat slowly but wanted to know how many other people have accumulated and how many they are adding a day, and if these sites that have a whole lot of them viewed favorably by...
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