btc buying

  1. ValerieMeshko

    Stash on 2011 y

    The inscription on the disk "Mining, March 2011, stash, 1-btc - sell for 100"
  2. faithless84

    Bitcoin price levels/Attempts for new highs and liquidations !!!

    Posted yesterday 21 hours ago. 21 hours ago Bitcon is clearly in bull mode at the moment of writting of this article. Previous TA regarding BTC contained conservative approach as...
  3. falcrownd


    I open blockchain account with wrong email address and I have already funded it before I notice it. Please how can I open it.
  4. iAhmed

    Shall I wait or buy now ?

    Hey BHW members, I'm wondering if i should buy btc now or wait sometime so it maybe fall again ? some are saying that it's going to go down on the end of this month and some are advicing buying now before it get high again. What shall I do ?