Bitcoin price levels/Attempts for new highs and liquidations !!!


Nov 6, 2016
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Posted yesterday 21 hours ago.

21 hours ago
Bitcon is clearly in bull mode at the moment of writting of this article.

Previous TA regarding conservative approach as having 5800 and 6400 as targets, so. not levels to be breached that easy.

Anyways, we had solid push even through every mathematical level (5750, 6380, 6750, 7250).

That is called spoofing walls and can be done only with big capital instantly.

Price range we've are witnessing is not mathematically justified.

I do expect several rebounds on 6800-7500 level.

From this point onwards, LONG to 7500.

We could have several rebounds in the channel before collision of

This massive spike went through orderbook just like nothing and created massive .

My personaly view on next one:

Reattempt to previous highs (7500) and in next H4 candle this massive could create additional "FOMO SPIKE to 7750-7800".

After that price range, we should have another correction as decribed on above.

In conclusion: Attempt to make previous high 7500.

Attempt to make new high and reaching 7750.

Major declination from that level dowards (as posted above) which also could and most likely will cause " fire sell" all the way down even to 5200-5400 level.

Having on mind liquidity, i dont expect that strong retest levels will be able to close " bear attempts" that at price closure time (H4 period mostly) close " full candle" prices.

Expecting pierce and " solid full candle from 5750 onwards".

Most likely, after scenario described above we open LONG again.

But, till then, lets wait for this new idea to unfold, so we could lock profit on the first place .

There are 2 chances fore it (not at 7500), then on declination 6800, then selling at 7750 level and staying in USD before 40% correction starts.

Don't let yourself your coins, sell them on time.

There is a roomor that money from to go somewhere, so, that's a good news, since that money (no matter how big it is and it is big 24 trillions) has to move somewhere.

Well, having on mind overall US economy since 1900-2018 on palm, im not optimistic at all, there is massive recession ongoing.

Stocks, bonds and equities will collide.

Forex has 1000x bigger liquidity than crypto, that is true.

But, noone wants to grab falling knife (US when correction starts.

Money will move to several areas.

One of those areas is crypto...

Good luck to everyone following my financial advice.

I dont provide disclaimer since i m not fake.

Good luck little man, there is someone watching on you too.
15 hours ago
Trade active: Worth to mention because of so called " bottom shorters".

We are now in phaze where BTC tries to breach 7500 level and makes new high at 7750 level.

As doing so, it makes massive volume and shakeoffs.

Current price seems very solid and unless you dont panic sell because this is brilitantly designed machine to suck your money in, you dont lose a cent unless you decide to panicaly " clear your position".

Don't short on bottoms.

Short on 7500-7750 declinations.

Good luck.
15 hours ago
Trade active: From technical side, BTC is in front of 4H bottom stoch rsi cross.

Rsi bending upwads as confirming bullish momentum on BTC.

Will have " one more leg" (ride to 7500 around before dropping towards 6800 again).

Then will make to reach higher high in 7700-7750 level, and as failing to do so fall to 5400.